Catholic Girl Asks 'Why Priests Enter Islam'?

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Catholic Priest Enters Islam
She asksY priest2 islam
She Asks Yusuf Estes 'Why?'

Watch Video Find Out
Why So Many Priests Enter Islam

Yusuf Estes Answers The Question:

Why do priests accept Islam?
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priest2islam question1
Who was he?
When was it?
Where was this?
Why did he do it?
How could he do this?

Yusuf Estes Tells It All
Woman & Audience are Shocked!

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#3 Um Aziza 2012-03-05 09:59
Mansha allah, Mansha allah,
What a great ansawer, may allah give you long life and good health insha allah
#2 Abdullah Rajul 2012-03-05 03:53
Converts to Islam seem to really get with it and do dawah and call to Islam.
May Allah reward you and make it all work out good, ameen.
Let's all take this to FACEBOOK and twitter and stuff and let poeople see the turth about Islam inchallah.
#1 jallwahabe 2012-02-29 13:38
good question and good answer..Masha Allah

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