18,000 HITS Already (video) Christian Girl Did Shahadah LIVE on GUIDE US TV

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This is Candice in Austin..

A Special event LIVE on Guide US TV

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Yusuf Estes, is a Texas convert to Islam. He's well known in the Muslim world today as the "Man who regularly travels around the world giving shahadahs to many people".

He is also famous for starting up America's first local TV channel on satellite, APPs and local antennas - with LIVE Call-in Shows.

But even he wasn't ready for the voice on the other end of the phone - when Guide US TV had their first caller on LIVE TV . . .

"This is Candice in Austin, and . .
I want to make shahadah..."

Here's what Sheikh Yusuf said about this amazing event . .

"Well you knowm, those were the first words we heard when Guide US TV opened up the phone lines for LIVE Call-In back in Arpil of 2011. She was the very first caller on our 800 number. And she wanted to make her declaration of faith - to ENTER ISLAM.

We all looked at each other and then back to the camera - "How do you know what 'shahadah' is?", we asked her.

"I been watching you guys on satellite here in Austin since you started broadcasting", was her reply.

We asked her, "But are you sure you know what Islam is all about and are you ready to enter Islam?"

"Of course I do and I am", she said quickly back to us on the phone."

So, we asked her to repeat the meaning in English - "I swear, there is no god worthy of worship, except One God - Allah. He has no partners. And I swear, Muhammad is His messenger and servant."

Next, came the Arabic (with a bit of Texas accent) . .

"Ash Hadu an Laa elaha illah
wa Ash Hadu an Muhammadan Rasoolullah"

Shahadah Candice_in_Austin_calls_inYusuf Estes gave shahadah to so many people over the last 20 years, but he tells us this was one time even he wasn't ready for all that took place that night.

But wait - there's more - (a lot more) . . Sheikh Yusuf went on to say:

"Yup! That was really something, her calling in like that and doing her 'shahadah' over the telephone with us. I almost cried on the air, but I had to be in control, you know?"

"Well hold your horses neighbor, 'cause that ain't all . . "

"Next thing you know, Candice became a regular caller for us, not just to say 'Salams' or ask a question - but to have a member of her family enter Islam on the phone too!"

"Her husband, her son, daughter and others - one by one."

"And then few months later, in Ramadan I visited Austin, Texas on tour. And guess what?
There she was (Candice) right there outside in front of the masjid, wearing full hijab and everything.

"I mean, you know? Here is this little cowgirl out there in the Hill Country of Texas, coming up to me and she says to me, "As-slam alaiykum. Do you know who I am?"

"Well of course I recognized the Texas accent immediately. Here in front of me was the girl behind the voice - that was the first to accept Islam, LIVE ON AIR with us on Guide US TV - that night back in April."

"But that ain't all - she started bringing up family members while we there in Austin for them to make shahadah too."

"And there's still more - Candice (now Mariam) made a real sweet video, telling us all about her experience of coming to Islam . ."

"You gotta watch it, and share it with anyone you know who needs to increase their level of iman (faith) in Almighty Allah."

"Oh yeah! And one more thing. Allah has tested her and her family since coming to Islam. So pray for her, and her husband, children and relatives, inshallah."

Candice from Austin, was the first one to accept Islam from him on Guide US TV live call-in show.

Find out - Why are so many people (especially women) accepting Islam?
Ask yourself -
Does it really have anything to do with religion or belief?

So how could a girl in Texas become a Muslim - by her own choice?
Get answers now -
Find out first hand - from a gal in the heart of Texas...

Listen to Candice in Austin
Tell us her story in her own words..
And then you decide -
Why Are So Many Entering Islam?

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#14 Mohammad 2014-09-02 03:07
Asalamu alaikum wr.

Today I understand clearly what Allah meant when he mentions in quraan,addressi ng muslims,that if they did not follow islam the way He commanded,then He will raise people from amongst different nations who will be better than them and who will follow and serve islam in the best way.
Today we see how people like you et al are serving the religion of Allah.
Jazzakallah khairan.
#13 mohammad zubair 2014-09-01 00:46
jazakallah,may allah bring showers of blessing upon sister candice/maryam and her family ameen.
i m vry glad ALLAH-HO-AKBAR.
#12 CHaimae 2014-08-31 23:06
Salaam Alaikum, I'm an American Texas Muslim since 2009 Alhamdulilah. It's amazing her family converted to Islam my family hates I am a muslim. My husband is a muslim and I have a one year old daughter. InshAllah my father and mother brither and stepmother and her family will accept Islam.
#11 Tabinda 2014-08-30 05:12
Aoa brother Yusaf and sis Candice. We love u both for the sake of Allah and welcome to you in our family...may Allah guide us like you plz remember in ur Dua....Jazakall ah
#10 Alaa Adam 2014-08-29 23:49
Allahu Akbar!
#9 Syam Qomara/Indonesi 2014-08-29 22:57
Quoting CandiceAmeera:
Salam Alayikum;
Today is April 17th, so this means yesterday I celebrated my 1 yr birthday entering into Islam.Alhumdulilah. I am still learning & my family is doing well. Can't believe it has been a year now.

Wa'alaikum salam Candice, Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar..your age also 1 year. My whole life not enough to learn and learn again about Islam.
#8 Ameera 2013-05-14 12:11
Salam Alayikum,
It's been 2 years now since that video & to the guests viewing this.. I nolonger make videos. I found out I'm more of a private person, but this was done to show to others. I'm glad I made it,but I donot post anymore videos.Also I nolnoger reside in Austin anymore. Asalam alayikum
#7 Abdulkareem 2012-12-25 06:34
May Allah bless you in both worlds.
#6 sk 2012-12-20 07:33
sister ameera,
how about an update video with ur full hijab?
#5 Abdillah from Mombasa Kenya. 2012-12-12 20:28
Maashallah Candice! Welcome to Islam, religion of peace. Inshaallah Allah will guide you and your entire family.

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