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Harsh Questions & Attacks on Islam

  • 1) Why are there different sects of Islam like: Shia, Sunni, Salafi, Shafi, Sufi, Naqshanbandi, Deobandi, Malaki, Barelwi, Hanbali, Hanafi, etc?
    I know you say, 'don't label or divide into groups', but still I need to know this for my own benefit - WHY DO WE HAVE THESE SECTS?

    Good question. We answer this one so often on our websites.
    Here's 1st one we recommend:
  • 2) What is the ruling on apostasy in Islam? It is because non-muslims bash us as usual as the violent ones that are out there to kill.

    Actually, the answer to this one might surprise you. I know it surprised me and we put it up on this site:
    www.IslamNewsroom.com/and look for the search box on the left side and type in apostasy.
    This was the number one selection: www.IslamNewsroom.com/answers-to-questions-mainmenu-26/92
  • 3) In terms of Hadith books, which are the most trusted sources, because I use Sahih Bukhari, and I want to know whether I am correct or not?

    Books don't make hadith sahih, this is done by the scholars. It so happens that imam Bukhari went to the trouble to verify each and every hadith himself so he could put those in books for his students.
    Most of the scholars knew the hadiths they collected were either sahih, hasan, gharib, shad, daeef or madhuah. But not all of them went to the trouble to put all of one kind in a separate folder or book.
    Imam Muslim was a student of Imam Bukhari and followed his method for verifying and classifying hadith. Others who were right there in Tashkent, Uzbekistan with them (many of them lived in Uzbekistan) including Tirmidhi and other famous imams.
  • 4) I know that Islam was not spread by the sword, but how do you answer this question completely if a non-Muslim asks?

    What if someone asks you, "Why did your father steal a horse?" - what would you say?

    Your father never did steal a horse. In fact, your father never even owned a horse. But this person asks the question as though he did. So, what do you say?
    Very simple. Islam was not spread by the sword. It is not Islam that is going all over the world invading countries, taking down the rulers, knocking out the economic systems and taking all their oil, drugs and resources, is it?
    "ISLAM" means: "surrender, submission, obey, sincere in peace" - how do you force people to be 'sincere'?
    www.IslamTomorrow.com/islam and www.WhatsIslam.com
    Also: www.AboutJihad.com (for any questions about this topic)
  • 5) I know Islam gave women their rights and freed them over 1,400 years ago. But how do we answer non-Muslims saying, 'Your book (Quran) says, God men more powerful than women and then told them to beat them (women)? What do we say about all this?

    We know Islam forbids Muslims to injure anyone, even animals and beathing is totally forbidden. How about our wives? Our daughters? Our sisters? So, for sure, this one needs clear proof and understanding of translations before we go any further:
    www.IslamsWomen.com and www.SearchForIsalm.com Use KEYWORDS like "women"; "rights"; "beat them"
  • 6) Our Prophet's marriage to his wife Ayesha is also a very hot topic with these 'Islam bashers'. I heard many speakers say she was mature enough to have babies at age 9, because desert girls back then got their period faster than girls in other places, so it was OK for Prophet, peace be upon him, to marry her.
    How do you explain?
  • Check out the answers on the following:
    www.SearchForIslam.com type in the search box ayesha and marriage
    Here is the first one I found - http://islamnewsroom.com/answers/23

Here are a few more websites: www.GodAllah.com - www.WhatsIslam.com - www.ScienceIslam.com - www.ProphetOfIslam.com - www.911Bible.com - www.BibleIslam.com - www.AllahsQuran.com - www.Qtafsir.com - www.TubeIslam.com - www.GuideUS.TV

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Bismillah Rahman Raheem, Salam alaykum to all. After many years of collecting important information about what Islam really teaches from Quran and sunnah, we translated and put many answers from numerous scholars all over the planet. Some of them have passed away now, and we pray for them, ameen. _But their answers are still with us to help bring about a better understanding of faith in Islam. Please make dua for all of our teachers, scholars and presenters._And be sure to share the links to our websites too.

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