Dr Zakir Naik & Yusuf Estes on HUDA TV?

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Zakir Naik (Peace TV) Yusuf Estes (GuideUS TV)
guideus huda peaceTV 2hour special
Join Mohamed Salah on HUDA TV


Media competition is known to be so vicious amongst commercial TV channels all around the world.

Yet, within the Muslim world these hard lines seem to disappear, at least when it comes to TV channels dedicated to presenting true Islam, without advertising or commercial influence.

Watch this 2 hour special - Including the top executives of the three most unique television channels for Islam - perhaps in the entire English speaking world.


Dr. Zakir Naik (owner and founder of Peace TV) along with Yusuf Estes (founder and manager of Guide Us TV) join Dr. Mohamed Salah (spokesman for Huda TV) to answer questions for callers on a very special episode of ASK HUDA.

ASK HUDA is famous in many countries for the accurate and authentic ways of presenting the real meanings of Quran and prophetic teachings (sunnah). Dr. Mohamed Salah is known for his ability to answer questions in the best way while at the same time holding the audience's attention throughout the entire program.

Guide US TV - is now presenting programs from both HUDA and PEACE TV - courtesy of Dr. Zakir Naik (Peace TV) and Dr. Mohamed Salah (HUDA TV).

All three personalities are also known for giving their efforts and resources for the sake of presenting the message of Islam, and not for any personal gain. They only ask the rest of us to pray for them in our duas.

Comments and suggestions for HUDA TV? PEACE TV?
And of course GUIDE US TV...
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#1 adila 2011-10-17 04:55
Peace TV in my opinion is so hard, it seems so hard core i mean where is the Spirituality in it don't mean it doesn't..if it goes on this way it will chase away its audience, islam is for all and so is the Quran we can easily with the Ezza of Allah(S.W.T) open his kalam along with books of Tafsir like IBN KATHIR

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