Bible Change By Christians

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Christian Scholar Claims:
"Some Changes to Bible

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The following books have remained in an unchanged status up to the time of the Protestant Reformation.

Protestants repudiated the decisions of the councils and declared that the following books were essentially to be rejected:

  • The Book of Baruch
  • The Book of Tobit
  • The Letter of Jude
  • The song of Solomon
  • Ecclesiasticus
  • The First Book of Maccabees
  • Second Book of Maccabees

They excluded all these books from the list of acknowledged books.  Moreover, the Protestants also rejected the decision of their forbears regarding some chapters of:

The Book of Esther
This book consists of 16 chapters.


They decided that the first nine chapters and three verses from chapter 10 were essentially to be rejected. They based their decision on the following six reasons:

  • Followers of Catholic faith still believe in these books in blind pursuance of their forebears.



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