California Earthquakes

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Earthquakes Hit California?
Amazing Quakes Shake USA

California - Colorado - Virginia - Oklahoma
Americans Asking, "What is going on? When will it end?"

If you or anyone you know, felt the quake - Please fill in the comments form (bottom of page)

Up Close Look At EarthQuakes

Watch EarthQuakes as the Develop all over California & Nevada

The USGS (US government earthquake service) has reported earthquakes happening all over the United States like never before.

Did you or anyonoe you know feel these earthquakes or any other recent earthquakes?
Tell us and we'll tell the world - Comment box - below!

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#3 salisha 2011-08-31 06:20
I living in with my my elderly patient here in hopelawn nj,i had decided to read quran for awhile while doing so i just though i was a little dizzy from the fast..and then the hose was really shaking we felt it strong.alhumdul liah still here ..
#2 Ikram Boukraa 2011-08-27 10:18
Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatu allhi wa barakatuhu. I did feel the earthquake. I am in northeastern NJ.What happened was that me and my brothers were watching Guide Us Tv on the internet until we started to see the cupboard shaking and the walls made a weird craking noise. My mom was inmy brother's room cleaning and she came to us and said,
#1 Mariam misran 2011-08-24 06:01
Assalamu alaykum._I did. Im in maryland near delaware border. I was cooking and I hear things rattled . I thought my boys are doing somerhing crazy upstairs in their room. The lights and fans in the kitchen start to shake. The boys came down and ask what happened. My husband who was upstair sleeping, said the bed and furniture shaked. Earthquake. SubhanAllah. I had the boys dressed and I had my niqab on just incase it get worst, no way I want to be found without my niqab. But alhamdulilah all is well for now. We belong to Allah. Death is certain.

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