Reading Quran in English? Is is same as reading in Arabic?

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Reward To Read Quran in Arabic
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ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE - March 23, 2015 Monday

"Do I get same reward to read Quran in English?"

"Islam Questions" - answered by Yusuf Estes

American born Muslim asks = "I can't read Arabic very well and I want to read Quran for Ramadhan, can I read it in English and get the same reward?"

Answer: Bismillah Al Hamdulillah was salat was salam ala Rasoolullah. Allahu 'Alim (Allah is the All-Knower, we have no knowledge except it came from Him)

Thank you for your good question about reading Quran in Arabic or other languages. We are proud of our brothers and sisters who take the time to learn more about their faith, beliefs and practices and especially for asking questions to the right people when they want good answers.

Reading Quran - is in ARABIC. The Quran is an "Arabic Recitation" according to the words of Allah. Reading translations is not the same.

So the answer is, "No, it would not be the same."

But wait - There is stil a chance for great rewards with Allah and there are some things you can do as well, inshallah.

1. Reading from books in other languages is not the same as reading in Arabic. However, there is still reward for you, inshallah.

2. Difficulty in reciting the Arabic is rewarded double for the one who is not an Arab speaker. (Hadeeth about this)

3. You can rise up early every morning before fajr and begin to recite a little at a time, step by step while you are learning. Make sure to continue this from now on, as this was definitely a part of the sunnah of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

4. ake your time and be patient with yourself. It takes time, effort and practice to become a real reciter of Quran.

5. There is a dua (supplication) in the Quran for gaining knowledge and we always suggest it to those who want to gain more knowledge. We have to understand all knowledge only comes from Allah.

"Rabbi, ziddini 'ilma. Rabbi, ziddini 'ilma." (My Lord, increase my knowledge. My Lord, increase my knowledge) - This is from the Quran.

You can sign up for Arabic and Quran lessons at the local mosque or sit in on taleem (learning) sessions with your local imam.

Or you can go online to our new website for learning the Arabic language especially designed for classical Arabic of the Quran - And the best part?

We use the English language you already know, to make it happen even quicker:

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#5 OSUMANU MOHAMMED 2017-05-18 11:52
#4 muslimah 2015-05-26 18:39
This really helped me. But i have a question too. Do you get the same rewards by reciting the Holy Qur'an in Roman transliteration ? Thanks

There's reward either way, Arabic or (whatever language you like it).
But the best reward is for trying to read it in the Arabic, as prophet, peace be upon him, told us the one who has difficulty reciting the Quran gets double the reward.
#3 abid 2015-03-24 01:19
How can i buy this copy?


#2 princess anastasia 2015-03-23 16:45
Iwant to learn as early as possible
#1 mubiru Faruk 2015-03-23 09:43
Good job May Allah be pleased with you all, me too.
Good idea cause speaking the quraan in Arab will
make us one to easily speak to Allah. Masha Allah.

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