Ramadan for KIDS

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Ramadan Kids
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Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Officially Annouced
Ramadan Starts at Taraweh (tonight) July 9th
Fasting Will Start Tomorrow (Wednesday July 10th)


Ramadan is a great the time to bring our children closer together for understanding and enjoying this blessed month of fasting and sharing.

Here's Great Stuff for Ramadan - Enjoy:

kids stuffNaturally, we want to involve our kids and family members in forms of worship Islam represents, like:

Quran Contest -

Kids & Youth Programs On GUIDE US TV LIVE Every Night of Ramadan

Learn Arabic - www.ArabicInEnglish.com

Learn Quran - www.AllahsQuran.com/learn

Listen to Quran - www.AllahsQuran.com/listen

Practice Quran & See English to Arabic meanings - www.AllahsQuran.com/read

Deep Studies (older children - mom & dad too): www.Qtafsir.com

Watch Videos to learn more about salat -
www.SearchForIslam.com (type in the word 'salat') - or type in any word like, 'fasting', 'hijab', 'Allah', 'hajj', RAMADAN.. etc. You get the idea?

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For "converts" & non-Muslims or mixed families - Something For Everyone

Physical activities maybe limited because of bad weather (too hot? too cold? too wet? too dry?) or big city living?

So, here are just a few of many various forms of activities for inside and non-stress things-to-do like contests in memory, recitation, Arabic words, search for stories www.SearchForIslam.com search puzzles, and word scrambles.

Videos online:
www.TubeIslam.com - use the 'Search Box' upper right corner to type in words you want - like: KIDS, Songs, nasheeds, Quran, BABA ALI

www.GuideUS.TV - watch for kids shows like: Creative Kids, Hello World (coming up this September)

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Ideas for Kids’ Crafts


Examples - Create an Islamic Design:

Encourage your kids to draw a mosque with a minaret. Cut out the picture and paste it on a cardstock paper.

Create a poem on Ramadan and let your kids fill the picture with the write-up.

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Ramadan lanterns:

You can involve your kids in Ramadan activities like creating lanterns meant especially for this occasion. All you need is a white or colored construction paper where you can create the shape of a lantern with the help of tracing paper. Encourage your kids to apply multiple colors like blue, gold, and green on each section of the lantern. Use crayons and markers to color the sections of the lanterns. Just make sure the lantern looks bright and colorful. Your kids will take interest in such a craft, and they’ll be happy to be part of such an exciting activity.

Night sky and moon project:

kids stuff12If you live away from the bright lights of the city, or can visit a place far enough out to see the sky, let them watch for the moon as the month progresses from a tiny sliver like a thumb nail - to a 'banana' shape - then to a 'lemon slice' - to look like a 'grapefruit' or 'orange' - then to begin to reverse going to an 'apple with a bite out of it' and back to a 'banana' to a 'thumb nail' and all of a sudden - NO MORE MOON?
-- That would be TIME FOR EID (see how fast Ramadan went by?)

You may help your kids create the night sky and moon project by using a blue construction paper. Trace the shape of the crescent moon on the paper to help your kids proceed with the project. Let your kids color the moon with crayons or markers. You can help your kids create star-shaped pieces out of a construction paper and glue them on the blue construction paper. Then glue the blue construction paper to a cardstock paper. Next, you should create a hole on top of the cardstock paper, so that you can hang the craft with a string or ribbon.

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Ramadan Crosswords

If you’d like to nurture your kids’ intellectual ability, engage them in Ramadan activities like crosswords which are themed to the special occasion. There are crosswords available online. Just check out the templates of the crosswords based on the theme of the Ramadan, and take printouts to hand them over to your kids.

Ramadan Word Search Puzzles

There are a number of websites which offer Ramadan word search puzzles. These puzzles are based on the theme of the occasion. The word search puzzles are exciting games which will help your kids to find out words related to the Ramadan and Islam. You can just take a printout of the word search puzzle and give it to your kids to solve it.

Ramadan Word Scrambles

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More Things to Do:

If you’d like to know about Ramadan events and activities, check out the information given here. You’ll come to know how you can spend quality time with your children during this time of the year, even in harsh weather or severe outside conditions.

(And mom & dad might just have a bit of fun too)...

Cartoon - The Well of Zam Zam

If Video Does Not Play - Click Here
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Any ideas to share with us - have a look below and add your ideas too -
Give us a bit of time to read it & approve it - You'll come back, won't you?




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#12 Abullah Amriky 2012-07-31 17:38
this is amazing and just in time
we were going crazy with kids thinking what to do
but now we have it and thanks to Allah and those who serve His deen, now we do have this
I love Islam, and now my kids do love Ramadan time around our house.
Jazaakallah khair ramadhan mubarak
#11 Muslim who follows only Quran and Authentic Hadith 2011-08-19 05:40
I don't encourage the lanterns as it is a way of imitating the non-muslims in their festive seasons.

The Prophet (pbuh) said " One who imitates a nation is one of them"

And also, they are unnecessary, and Allah doesn't like the wasters.

Well other than that, the links are cool and fun too and jazakhallakhair for them, Happy Ramadan!=)
#10 abu aisha 2011-08-14 22:28
Excellent but we need more things not just for Ramadan.
#9 shamshad 2011-08-08 12:57
Jazakallahu Khair! will come back again Insha Allah!
#8 om abdullah 2011-08-06 19:42
useful links ...i like em
#7 sally 2011-08-05 14:46
I found a great Islamic activities for kids here
#6 Abdul Rahman Rajah Bacaraman 2011-08-05 13:27
Masha Allah, Ya Allah sobhanaho wataala, please give more rewards and blessings to those who made this Ramadan stuff for kids, more more blessings, our lord God Allah, Allahoma salli ala nabeyna Muhammadan salallaho walaihi wassalam. . . !
#5 Mariam 2011-08-05 12:01
Masha'Allah! I love the ideas. Great for the children, I've been looking for this topic to be covered, in a way to just get them excited, and just involved really. Jazak[umu]'Alla h Khairan.

&& Ramadan Mubarak
#4 Miymum Arifnan 2011-08-05 10:02
YES! At last a place to get simple ideas for my kids. This is just wonderful and thanks to Allah for guiding me to this today, Al Hamdulillah.
#3 Marmarah Orfenhausen 2011-08-04 22:25
i m surpriz to see so much ideas 2 help uz for kidz & uz 2 may U B reward amin

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