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Get Your Prayers Answered
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5 Easy Steps - That Really Work

ISLAM NEWSROOM: "Get Your Prayers Answered"

All of Us Want DUA' To Be Accepted by Allah - Especially Now! (RIGHT?)

So here is something to start (right now) -  Then the story, inshallahQuran 2 186




(Quran 2:186 - click to Hear)

And when My servants ask you (Muhammad concerning Me, then answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My knowledge).

I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any partner).
So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright.

(Quran 2:186 - click for explanation)

Let's All Make More Dua (supplications)
Inspired by -- Productive Muslim's
"Let's Make More Dua"

We all know ANYTIME is a great time to give our hearts a spirit recharge!
And anytime is a great time to make Dua.

Honestly, things I’ve asked for persistently and I did not think would, have come true.
I can personally tell you all that it does wonders.

This is really incredible.

I look back and can’t believe I’ve gotten so many of things I asked so desperately.

And Allah really does not leave your hands empty when you raise them to Him, as a true believer.

I get excited every time I remember, because I get to make my wish list AGAIN . .

I highly recommend to you - make your own "dua List" - again.


Our prophet, peace be upon him, gave us a great incentive - when he said:

“Allah is Angry at those who won't ask Him for anything”


So, why do we want Allah angry at us?


What To Do (5 steps):

1. Write it all down

Put down what you want to ask for on paper or on your phone so for the first few weeks you don’t miss a single item. It can be as long as you want! It can be private and you don’t need to share it with others so feel free to only make a list of keywords to remind you of each item.

2. Ask anything & everything that is good

When choosing your items, imagine that Allah is asking you to ask Him for anything and everything you’ve ever wanted!

Imagine the possibilities.

Write down everything you want to ask Allah - No limits! (but keep it halal!).

Remember, you're asking Allahu Al Mujeeb (The One Who Responds & Supreme Answerer)

3. Organize

Try separating your duas into categories so you know that you’ve properly hit each one. I would recommend:

  • dunya (this life)
  • akhirah (Next Life)
  • ibadah (worship)
  • Relationships (with others)
  • the ummah (Muslims everywhere)

Now in each category - Write Your Most Important Needs

4. Make duas at times most likely to be answered

These times include right before breaking the fast, during your salah in sujood and after the obligatory prayers, Qiyam ul layl (midnight prayers) etc. I personally make mine just before iftar (breaking fast).

5. Remember the proper ways of dua

There is a right way & wrong way to make proper dua.

Remember, we must praise Allah first - Then ask Him for peace and blessings upon our Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and now make our dua.

Finally, I want to demonstrate by making my own dua for myself, my family and for you all who read this, and comment and SHARE it.

I praise Allah and thank Him for all He gives us and for all the things He keeps away that may harm us, Ameen.

I ask Allah for blessings and peace to be on our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, Ameen.

I ask Allah to Bless and Preserve all who are the true servants and believers in Allah and ask Him to provide for you all, what is best in this life and in the Next Life - Ameen.

I ask Allah to accept from you all, so you can reap the benefits of making dua and bring you closer to Him.

I ask Allah to give you all the strength, the knowledge, the patience and sincere humility. Ameen!

We Ask Allah to Join Us Together in Jennah, ameen.
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#202 Mohamed 2017-12-26 04:29
Ya Rabb, please guide my friend, Kailas to Islam and let him be a guide for others. Please soften his heart and fill it with piety. Ameen
#201 toshlima ashraf 2017-11-01 05:05
I need a project in the company currently i am working in in the same location right now i am staying within a week. please pray for me
#200 toshlima ashraf 2017-11-01 04:57
I need a project in the company currently i am working in in the same location i am staying now within a week
#199 Salman Khan 2017-10-26 16:44
Bookmarked this amazing site. Needs more posts but this site is simply delightful. Such a peaceful vibe.

I got scammed by someone. My precious item, given to me by Grace of Allah, was also taken by him. But I can't help but feel anger for the person who scammed me and took this from me. I pray that that person knows retribution, that she may know Allah's judgement and that Allah may give my iPhone back again. I ask everyone to pray for me As well!
Please also pray for my A Level exams! Pray so that I can get A in all Subjects!
Also pray for my family and every muslim out there!
May Allah help everyone! Ameen!
#198 Asma 2017-10-09 23:18
Please make dua for me that I may pass my exams

Editor to sister Asma: "May Allah grant you success in your grades and in your whole life, ameen"
Please tell others about Guide US TV, Islam Newsroom and SHAREISLAM.COM
#197 Abdulai 2017-08-29 09:34
Jazakallah Khairan Katheeran
#196 Editors comment 2017-08-22 21:38
Salam alaykum - We know this WORKS!
Because we use it EVERY DAY!
This is from Allah - It is Free - It REALLY WORKS!
#195 Shah 2017-07-30 21:57
Pray Allah gives me a child. Ameen
#194 Lateefah 2017-07-15 15:32
Salam May allah bless you all.
I have stumbled across this site actually searching for prayers for when buy a house.
I know what you are thinking but the internet is just so full of stuff that sometimes you can just stumble on one.
Anyway , I am reading these wonderful duas , then thought about my own dua’s that i have made and have been answered .
I would like to share my dua that i have been asking for many years , ever since i bought a house for my parents who by the way were very stuck and too old to get a house so i sacrificed my opportunity to get a house of my own to make their life more comfortable , in turn this would give me peace , i don't think i could rest or even study and work at the time if i saw them struggle . Anyway I prayed i would pass my degrees, get married and have children get a good job and also thought inshallah one day i could buy a home of my own. The order of duas were answered in this sequence.
Alhamdulliah , I got married to a person who i knew for many years also liked his character but never thought i could get married to him but mashallah he converted as muslim (on his own accord nothing to do with me ) and discovered islam was a beautiful religion (he is Welsh by the way). He asked my father to marry me and my father agreed :) .
I graduated. It was a struggle but never thought i would go as high as a masters degree , praise allah for answering my dua to make it easier.
Then had a job that too was a struggle but continued to make dua.
Now I can work from home. Alhamdulliah! Praise Allah for answering my dua.
Then I had a child, after many miscarriages. This was a chance to be a mother too.
The most natural and blessed feeling I could imagine.
Praise Allah.
There was a lot of heartbreak and struggle trying for a child, but I never gave up on Allah and dua.
And now, inshallah, a house agreement is going through.
Inshallah, Allah makes this journey easy. The point I'm making is, that instead of looking up for prayers, I should really be reflecting on what has happened and the proof that it happened to me, through Allah.
So no matter the journey I think my faith will always stay strong.
Allah does listen. Allah tests us with our patience, kindness and deeds.
I have always tried to be the best person I can be.
I have tried to be optimistic and have faith Allah is listening
This has all happened in a space of 10 years for me.
But my belief in making dua to Allah has only gotten stronger.
Alhamdulillah, I hope this brings optimism to all of you too.
And thank you for making this website - As this has got me back on the right track.
Jazakallah khair.

Editor to Lateefah - Yusuf Estes asked me to tell you "And Jazakallah khair to you for your efforts and for writing so much for us to learn and understand the power of duas to Allah"
He thanks you and we all thank you too!
Salam alaykum.
#193 Sophia 2017-06-22 01:08
Please make dua that I find a husband of my desires. I'm almost 35 and am getting worried. :sad:
#192 S 2017-06-06 07:38
Allah hu Akbar, please pray that Allah subhanutallah blesses my son with good health, normal ohysical, mental & social development. Ameen Suma Ameen
#191 Haleema 2017-03-21 09:50
Dear brothers and sisters pray that my sister and i are given scholarship to attend a university.
#190 Hawa 2017-03-05 18:35
Assalu alaykum brothers and sisters. I am struggling with a dead heart and serious lost of hope. I am now in this mental health unit due to some issues i have back at home with Husband. I understand that I am a married women and I should be listening to my husband but my life has been so complicated and my heart has completely died and I have had serious loss of hope. Thanks to Allah though who has guided to this page virtual mosque where i learned one of Allah's beautiful name Al Muhyi-(The Giver of Life). and also so much more. I am pleased to say that I feel a bit better and I actually am trying my best to take the steps to get closer to Allah. I also have one big issue which is I have no interest at all in this marriage. I am 21 years old and My Husband is 23 years old. I have 1 son and expecting another child. I started taking depression pills and started Praying to Allah asking him to give life to my dead heart I still lack sincerity and Hope. So I really want to do what it takes to help my heart come back alive and one thing I want to do is get a divorce Ive been married only for 2 years and have felt no happiness ever since and I also have a hard time committing to this relationship. But i keep having feelings that I am cursed, and that getting a divorce is not good in Allahs eyes so .. and all those other stuff which Now I am 100% clear and sure that They are just from Shaytan. I ask for your prayers. Please Make Duas for me. :oops: :oops: :oops:
#189 Aisha Othman 2017-02-26 20:20
Assalam brothers and sisters. I have recently started a small scale business and have submitted proposals to different places. Please i would like you to make dua for me for my letters to get accepted so i can get what i want and also to expand our business with the blessings of Allah SWT. Shukran, jazakallahu khairan

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