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But what is it that most concerns them?
Depends on who and what - Who are the people that are so worried? What is it they fear? Do they really understand what Islam is really all about? If they do, then why would they be afraid in the first place?
Only ignorance or deviance from truth would cause someone to fear Islam.

Consider this - If they knew for instance, the word 'Islam' itself is only a way to express in Arabic the relationship of a believer and his God, why would they be afraid of it?
Check it out on a number of websites and see for yourself - the true meaning of the word is the opposite of aggression, oppression or terrorism, as many of these pundits of fear and terror profess. The so-called 'experts' and 'advisors' to leaders and journalists around the world are clearly misleading the public while making a name for themselves (and putting a few bucks in their pockets at the same time.
See for yourself:  - - -

So after reading the clear message that Islam is all about 'Surrendering' in 'Peace' to One Almighty God -
What Is Their Problem?
Whats Islam

There a several possiblities not the least of which is not really being convinced of what Islam really is by the definition of a word translated to the English language. For this I would have to agree with them.
It is only through the actual encounter with people who are followers of a particular faith that we would be able to draw rational and reasonable conclusions. This makes it necessary to know first hand, some Muslims and actually take time to see how they live, what they do and how they think.
And frankly speaking, here in the United States at least, we do not always have the best representation of what Muslims are supposed to be all about. True or not?
When Muslims are caught cheating, lying, stealing, selling and using drugs, drinking alcohol and abusing other people, what is someone supposed to think? Especially when they lie even more and try to make some kind of connection between their actions and justify what they are doing by referring to statements in Quran or from the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
So the first problem is very clear - one look at some Muslims - it is enough to convince most people looking from the outside in, that all Muslims are bad and Islam is certainly involved somehow.

See what Ghandi had to say about 'Islam' (click the pic)
IslamISRising3But is this really fair? Should people judge a billion and a half humans on this earth by the actions of a few misguided Muslims? Obviously we would like for the people to know real Muslims who do live according to Islam. But where do we go to find them in America?
Good Question...

Another problem might be the fear of what others would think.
Truthfully, anyone would have misgivings about saying anything positive about Islam and Muslims these days, much less defending Islam against an onslaught of daily insults and attacks coming against Islam through all channels of information.
No doubt most would feel afraid of speaking up and saying the truth about Islam, even if they were themselves convinced it was not as the media has portrayed it.

There is no real support for the Muslim faith in America these days, except a few scattered and understaffed organizations, and even they might not give off a totally positive and correct image of real Islam, whether out of concern for not fitting in or perhaps against their organizations political position, or for whatever reason.

Support is just not there for those who choose to stand up and say the truth. At the same time there is full support, media recognition, certain fame and even money for those who choose to continue to defame and put down Islam.

The big misconception of worshipping some false god has overtaken common sense to the extent on Youtube we see people saying things against Islam - that in fact, Islam is all about. The single one most important issue of Islam - is correct worship for the One God - of Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus Christ and Muhammad, peace be upon them all.

So, how could this message get so corrupted that it is being seen as the very opposite of what it calls to?
Good Question -

Consider this, Muslims today (around the world) are far more concerned with their own person situation and life in this world, that they are about communicating the message of real Islam to their families, friends and neighbors.

The real solution to the world's problem with Islam is - MUSLIMS.

That's right. Muslims are responsible for this problem of miscommunication of the message of our beloved prophet, peace be upon him.
Allah has commanded the Muslims to live as the example for us all, and to call to the 'maruf' and forbid the 'munkar' - but do we do it?
Also, the prophet, peace be upon him, in his very last 'Farewell Sermon' ordered those present to go out and tell those who were not present and he prayed that those who heard it at the end would understand it better than those who were present.
But are we doing it?

Here is something we can all do right now - no more playing games and no more complaining against others - just do it:
#1 Support the work and effort of our many websites
#2. Tell others about this effort to communicate the message of Islam in American, in simple English.
#3. Pray for us and ask others to do the same...

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#6 marvi 2011-05-07 00:42
First of all I'd like to congratulate brother Alan for denying all the false gods being worshiped in this materialistic world. You'll be amazed to know that the first part of the Islamic conviction 'la ilaaha illa allah' is indeed denying the worship of the false gods, the only part missing is realizing that there has to be some True God who is running a great deal of affairs in universe and beyond, so systematically that there's no chance of it being a coincidence. Take this as an example,if you drop a water glass from a height, what is the probability that any of its broken pieces would form a perfect little tiny water glass structure, the answer is 'zero', how can you then say that the big bang is responsible for all this perfect universe with great deal of intricate systems mathematically perfect for their function. Look around you brother Alan and observe, if you still can't feel anything then the law remains in Islam as stated earlier by a brother that 'there's no compulsion in religion', but I'd really want you to read Qur'an once again carefully with a desire in your heart that you be guided if it's THE TRUTH. May Allah guide and make us among the best of His servants. Ameen__Wassalam o alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatuh_may Allah's peace, mercy and blessings be upon all of you.__P.S. For more watch the video 'Islam and modern science- compatible or incompatible by Dr. zakir naik' or visit
#5 Aya Z 2011-04-19 16:40
Subhannallah! This reminds me of what happened two years ago...
I took a sociology class in my University in Alberta, Canada, and I heard my teacher say that Islam is rising very fast, and will soon be number one religion in the world... A girl stood up in my class, and said that "we should kick them out, or force them to confirm to our country laws" Funny, really, concidering that Canada is mostly full of immigrants, and there is no "true" Canadians, except the First Nations group (natives), which is about 8% in a population of about 33 million!

I find this reaction sad, because Islam is not a parasite, and it encourages the brotherhood and sisterhood between people...You find yourself finding a "brother" or "sister" from Somailia, Pakistan, India, Africa, Asia... and then racism makes no sense because you can say, I have a sister/brother who is from there... so what?
#4 Mariam 2011-04-18 03:13
I suppose, Alan, that what you need most is to understand that what happened to you has nothing to do with religion, but with sick people. Then, dare take a look at the idea of Gods existence again: how else can you explain that all those "laws of nature" work so wonderfully together?

The anger against unbelievers that you refer to is because they enjoy the gift of life, sun, rain, food, beauty, love ... and still they don't feel gratefull to "something out there", let alone God, that gave them all this. If you give a wonderful gift to someone, won't you want them to appreciate it as well? That is the anger.

But the "agression" against unbelievers mentioned in the Quran is the agression that any sound thinking person agrees with: the unbelievers of that time harassed, attacked, tortured and murdered the Muslims. When the Quran tells the Muslms to kill the unbelievers, it says so about the ones trheatening them and their families. AND it says: as soon as they stop harming you, YOU stop the fight as well! No revenge allowed!

For better understanding, you might want to read something like and

You will understand that Muslims can very well live with anybody, any religion and even unbelievers at the condition that they themselves are equally allowed to follow their own religion and are not under threat, and that they have the right to exercise their duty: offering their message to those non- or different believers, without force or obligation.

So, there you are: Islam has always accepted to live with people of different beliefs and non-beliefs. But it always has propagated thhe duty to at least point out the message of Islam. For that reason I am very happy that you came on the site, showing your interest and listening to the message of Islam to start with.
I ask Allah to heal your heart from the pain that was caused to you and to open it for His Message.
#3 sk 2011-04-16 14:00
response To Alan Edwards
You can believe in what you want. There is no compulsion and coercion in regard to religion [2:256]. no one can force their beliefs on you. Just remember the prophet had non-muslim relatives and lived with them peacefully. Islam does not give the right to abuse others. “God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers.” (Quran 60:8)
The early muslims went war with the non-muslim because they were being oppressed for 13 years and they went to war to fight oppression because oppression is worser than persecution.
Your attitude of unbelief is caused by yourself, not the the Koran. Just remember that God gives guidance to those who want guidance & God DOES NOT give guidance to those who DO NOT WANT guidance.
#2 A.Edwards 2011-04-14 01:42
Greetings from Australia!
I sincerely wish to live in peace with people of all religions, as well as those who have none. I was subjected to abuse by professing Christians as an orphan child, so my willingness to accept the bona fides of any religion is very hard to win.

In Australia, as in USA, the right to unbelief is the same as the right to believe in any god or gods.

The Bible is scathing, disrespectful, and dismissive of unbelievers. I have read the Koran,(several different translations) and many other books about Islam, and I find even more vilification of unbelievers in the Koran, as well as exhortations to Muslims to conduct violence against them. To be honest, I have not conducted the same level of study of the Jewish faith, but I perceive it as a 'closed faith' and not as interested in persecuting me for my unbelief.

In spite of many attempts to find any source of Muslim outreach that will discuss my misgivings about the intentions of Muslims in regard to those that their holy book speaks of as 'lower than the beasts', I have not yet found any Muslim who is willing to consider that I even have a right to my unbelief. By the way in Australia, about 3.1% are Muslims, unbelievers amount to about 18.7 % of the population.

I am personally revolted by the violence done by any religion against others of different faiths and none. I do not support discriminaton against anyone based on their religion, or for having none.I also abhor Islamaphobia, because I can see that Muslims are as capable as any others of living 'good' religion or 'bad' religion, and that the good guys should not be accused for the actions of the bad guys.

My bottom line question is, "Should I believe that the words of the Koran are the defining statement of Islam's attitude to my unbelief"?.

If all Muslims must accept the words of the Koran as unchangeable and inerrant, then it is hard to see how we can ever live without tensions between us.

As an unbeliever, I can see that there is much to be admired in Islam, as there is also in other religions. I bear no malice toward any religion, but find that when we apply the test of how they treat (or would like to treat)unbelieve rs, it is then that most of them are found wanting in the balance.

Can anyone give me a clear and definitive statement as to whether Islam can accept and live with my human right to my unbelief?

I await your response with interest.
Alan Edwards
#1 shahnaz 2011-04-13 14:50
JazakALLAH,shuk ran&MashaALLAH, for spreading the one&only true way of islam.InshaALLA H you will keep growing stronger by the will of ALLAH &our support&Duas are with you Ameen

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