So Funny Laughing Baby!

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We all need a laugh once in a while..
A 'natural Muslim' & a much-needed laugh

Remember this little guy?

He's Just So Cute and Loveable
This is True Islam - Innocence of A Baby

The natural inclination of a child is the "fitra" of Islam. As our prophet, peace be upon him, told us:
"Every child is born on the inclination of Islam (fitra) and it is their parents who will raise them to be Jew, Christian or fireworshipper"

This is only one of thousands of children born every day into this dunya (material world) and we pray his parents will raise him to continue his natural fitra (way of submission and peace with Almighty God = ISLAM), ameen.


#3 ahmed 2010-10-07 20:41
Is he a Heybarnian kid ?
#2 Fahad Bajawi 2010-10-07 09:34
ohh... ohh stomach hurts me...LOL
My Allah keeps him for his parents....

Every child is born on the inclination of Islam
#1 UmNumair 2010-10-07 09:20
lol so cute Masha'Allah and Ameen to your wonderful dua..

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