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Enter Islam Yusuf Estes video

Have You Heard About Someone Entering Islam?
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#4 Yusuf Estes 2013-07-18 12:50
Salam alaykum (peace),
We enjoy traveling to places where people want to know the truth about Islam and help Muslims share a beautiful message.
You can watch us on www.GUIDEUS.TV (live at night) Internet, APPS (phone, pads, notebooks), satellite and now antenna (in Ohio, New York & more coming inshallah)
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#3 Omar 2010-10-01 09:47
Alhamdulillah, this is a Beautiful video
#2 Could you tell more of this story after to Islam? 2010-10-01 07:38
I want many people I watch this too.
#1 Amazing and funny too. This story has a big impact on people. 2010-10-01 07:37
I hope people read this and tell others about it just to send a message to someone could change their life.

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