2 Sisters Convert (1)

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Sister Melinda - Had Serious
Misconceptions of Islams Women

Convert from Catholic to Islam Tells
How She and Her Sister Came to Islam
She talks about relationships in Islam,
concept of God, Jesus to Muslims (more..)

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#6 shahzad 2012-05-22 18:44
I wish to marry this new convert sister .plz send me mail at shamuza22@gmail . i live in Bahrain,
#5 Alaa El Din, El Afifi 2012-05-22 12:41
I'd like to make a comment on Nay's comment. Please, my Muslim brothers and sisters be gentle and kind and understanding to your newly reverted Muslim brothers and sisters. Do try to understand that once they've become Muslimeen, all their previous sins had already been forgiven. Certainly, these beautiful reverts have already realized that their lives weren't perfect before entering Islam. And, although you mean well you must hold your tongues and be patient. Don't expect someone who just became a Muslim to be perfect. None of us are perfect and before you look at other peoples errors, look at your own and try to correct them just as they have done so. You'll be surprised how much we born Muslims can learn from reverts who have taken a passage unlike you have ever experienced yourselves and many of us born Muslims truly need to journey upon that same path which they have taken and ask Allah to forgive us and them and pray that we be kind and understanding towards our newly comers and be patient and not so demanding of others to be saints on arrival. May Allah guide us all to a straighter path than the one we are on now. Wal salam alikum jamee'an wa rahmat Allah wa barakato.
#4 sajid 2012-05-22 05:05
The sister mentions her sister wasnt a muslim before she got married. Your pointing out islamic ideals to a non muslim regarding relatinships out of marriage etc..silly. She started researching islam after marriage. Everything else is null and void now she that has become a muslim.
#3 Nay 2011-04-15 02:34
I don't mean to ridicule at all, in fact I am very happy for her for choosing the right path, but it is difficult not to notice how she referred to Allah as, "God the Father" at 8:34. A true Muslim knows NEVER to call him that. He created us, He is our Creator, not our father. That takes you back to the belief of Trinity:/
And in Islam it is a sin to have a relationship with a man without marriage whether or not it is serious. She should at least be engaged. Kissing is even prohibited without marriage. Much less her sister having been in a serious relationship with her present-day husband before marriage. May Allah keep her on the path of righteousness.
#2 iqbal husain 2010-09-19 08:00
Qualities of video picture is perfect no problem except it is slow to display and sound problem.
Thank u.
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