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[Going VIRAL RIGHT NOW! Over 1,000 hits per hour? Maybe because so many women came to Islam after understanding the message in this story!
Orginially it was a comment from a new sister about the answer given by Yusuf Estes nearly ten years ago - Since then many women have come to Islam through this understanding from Quran & Sunnah]


Hi guys, just sayin - found this article by Sheik Yusuf Estes, got me interested in Islam 'n sharing it with everyone.
Please, whether you're a mother, father, brother, sister, husband or wife, read this. Inshallah, it's great information.

Only takes a little time to read all the way through.
BEAUTY of_ISLAMThanks to Allah, to Sheikh Estes and peace to all,
(new sister in U.S.A.)

Originially answered on www.IslamOnline.org by Yusuf Estes, National Muslim Chaplain, Washington, D.C. USA

Bismillah Rahman Raheem. Salam alaykum,
Non-Muslim lady complains about "over-protective" way Muslim men are toward women.

Here's her question:

Dear sirs, ok my questions is, why are Muslim men so jealous and over protective of women?
I mean like sometimes a Muslim man I know doesn't even look to my face and doesn't try to hug me or even to shake my hand like other guys at work and stuff?

*Jewels Are Precious – So Protect Them
The Status of Women in Islam

Dear Debbi, thank you for your question. It shows you are in need a clear view of the teachings of Islam.


Allah commands Muslims to refer to people of knowledge to get themselves well-acquainted with the teachings of Islam as well as all aspects of life. As for your question, it should be clear that Hijab is meant to elevate the status of the Muslim woman by preserving her dignity and honor.

When someone has a jewel or any precious item one always treats it with great respect and protects it against any loss. One may even build a special place to keep it or place it in a vault for security. Perhaps one may even hire a guard to insure that it will not be stolen. These things are most obvious to all of us and nothing here seems strange at all.

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By the way, some people ask us:
"Why do Muslims compare women to 'Jewels & Peals? - Sounds like you are describing ladies like objects or possessions?"

In reply to that, I would ask them :
What is wrong with associating our beloved sisters with things people value very much?
Comparing women to jewels and pearls doesn't mean that women are mere objects or worldly possessions. The intended item or object here is what the woman possesses, as mentioned by Allah in His Book.

* Allah commands us to tell believing woman to lower her gaze and to protect her, guard her private parts and protect her chastity. She is being well advised by her father, brother, husband, son and all of us, to cover herself.

* Amazing how people think the more women exhibit their beauty, especially their bodies in front of strangers is something to be admired and it's even encouraged.

* Many large corporations protect their shareholders from losses, but at the same time produce cosmetics, jewelry & clothing that do exactly the opposite for our ladies.

Money, lust & vain desires are the primary reasons for this exploitation today.


Now please consider my questions -

1. Let's ask: 'Why are women exposed in public so men see them in ways they would not see them even in the privacy of their own homes?"

2. Another question, ‘Why is modern society so far away from basic concepts of moral and correct behavior that was originally ordered by the Almighty Lord of the Universe. As each year passes, we see more and more deviation away from the high standards once considered normal for proper attire and public behavior?"

3. And this question, “Why do women tolerate the fashion designers, cosmetic companies and women's magazines - making huge fortunes by convincing poor beguiled women of an unrealistic idea about needing to show themselves off like they were to be displayed in a market, or cattle auction? Just so men can look them over and then decide how they ‘rate’ them?”

So actually, Islam preserves the correct, proper dress code, not just for ladies, but for men as well.

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Additionally, defining the proper attire for the sexes, Islam also carefully instructs both men and women on how to behave toward each other. For instance, the Qur’an tells us in surah An-Nur in verses 30 and 31 exactly how to act in the presence of the opposite sex:

“Tell the believing men to LOWER THEIR GAZE…” And then “Tell the believing women to LOWER THEIR GAZE….”

So, immediately we understand that it is more than just the clothing that is desired. It is the proper respect and behavior of the two sexes toward each other at all times.

QUESTION: Why does Islam say to treat women in the way Quran says?


Here's my statement on the way we Muslim men are to treat women:

"Our women deserve respect, honor, dignity, compassion, consideration, care, gentle and kind treatment - because they are gems, jewels, precious and most of all, they are Muslimahs (Muslim ladies who love Almighty God, and God loves them).

And because they are obedient to Almighty God, worshipping Him, alone without partners, and living as true servants of the Lord - we men must serve them, care for them and love them, because it is our duty as true Muslim men."

Please check my new website for ISLAMS WOMEN .com

Thanks for your good question and may Allah guide us all to the truth, Ameen.

Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes

Original answer by Yusuf Estes for IslamOnline.org 2002


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Don't think of Islam as just another religion. Islam (Means = Surrender, Submission, Obedience, Sincerity & Peace) is for all people, in all places & in all times.

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#23 shuqat Ahmad 2014-11-22 21:54
Allah ho Akber the great answer by Sheikh Yousuf may Almighty protect you and bless you
#22 nur 2014-07-10 06:33
MashaAllah ,This is awonderful article,Thank u brother Yusuf,I also pray for your long and healthy life ,may Allah bless you always.Ameen.
#21 abdul subhan 2014-07-09 00:09
Thank you Sheikh Yousaf!

I pray for your long life so that you serve the umma in the days to come.

Allah will reward you for this.

Allah hafiz
#20 saba 2014-07-05 08:43
Mashallaha,Alla h also give us knowlede as u have.ameen.Than ks Mr. Estes may Allah bless u.
#19 cupcake 2014-07-04 10:56
Men don't walk around in short skimpy clothing. What happened to gender equality? I don't hear any complaints. Maybe its because men are making the rules.
In a society where things are spiraling backwards Islam came to take society forward.
Islam liberates women from the dictates of fashion, society & submission of man's desire.

EDITOR TO CUPCAKE: You are right. We do not need men making up rules after Allah has already given clear Commandments. Our women put on hijab because -- THEY WANT TO.
Brilliantly put. Jazakallah khair.
#18 zorro 2014-06-30 21:30
Mashallah shiekh yusuf, god bless you and all of us, Amen
#17 Hina khan 2014-06-30 13:47
Indeed a very good answer Mr. Yusuf. Only the valuables are protected n kept hidden. Muslimah are blessed by our Allah that they are made valuable
#16 habib mohammed 2014-06-30 10:23
Shiekh Yusuf estes, may Allah reward you in Jannatul Firdaws! you gave sufficient answer for her question and it is for all people who have this kind of misunderstandin g about Islam.
#15 OUSMAN SB DARBOE 2014-06-30 09:10
Alhamdulilhi Ala Neima Tul ISLAM. I'm happy that many Muslims are awared of the fact that THIS religion is a practical one. That's you don't subscribed and and get benefit, but only by putting it into practice then you realise and enjoy the benefit right here and after. May Allah make us practical Muslims. Ameen!
#14 yussuf dore 2014-06-30 07:38
JazakAllah,that 's wonderful piece.May Allah lead us to the right path.

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