5 Jihadis Get 10 Yrs

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5 US Muslims Get 10 Years
in Pakistan Prison for Plotting "jihad adventure"
"Going on a Jihad Adventure"
In what some have labeled a Jihad Adventure Five young men planned together to go into Pakistan and possibly into Afghanistan for what has been described by some as a "".
After viewing a video tape of one young Muslim boy accused of plotting to do "jihad", a neighborhood youth who had grown up with some of the five, had this to say,
"I don't know how these guys got into this whole thing. How could it be? They were hanging out together and one of them was going on the Internet and talking about going to Pakistan for an "adventure" and save people, etc.
Then all of a sudden they are gone. No one knows what happened to them. And then they turn up in jail in Pakistan?
And now they are being treated like terrorists.
Wow! This is too much!
I just hope others don't fall into this same kind of trap.
I tell my friends not to take their religion from a website. You go to a registered imam or someone who has real knowledge of Arabic, Quran and sunnah* if you want to know Islam".

*sunnah - the teachings of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.