Blind Wrestler to Islam

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Canadian: BLIND WRESTLER to Islam

When I first met Abu Hafsa, I could not tell he was blind. His way of talking and expressing himself makes anyone understand clearly what he is feeling.
Once, as we crossed the street in Toronto, Canada, Abu Hafsa started running and he ran all the way to the other side of the street and waited for me on the sidewalk.
I could not imagine how he could do that without being able to see. He told me this was something he used to do as a child - just for fun. He said, he could tell where the cars where and when the light was red or green or even changing colors, because he could hear all.
But not as amazing as listening to him recite Quran - whatever Allah kept from him in the way of eyesight - sure is made up for in the beautiful way Abu Hafsa recites the Book of Allah.



#6 Saeed 2010-08-04 22:29
This man is not blind, he saw the truth from the vision of his heart, we (sinners) are the ones who is blind
#5 Umabdirahman 2010-06-22 05:23
Subhanallaah, Brother Abu Hafsa's story reminded me of the story of Sura AL Abasa and `Abdullah ibn Umm Maktoum(May Allaah be Pleased with him).
May Allah unite us all in Jannah with the Prophets and the Companions Ameen.
Jazakallah Khair.
#4 Suhail Ibn Siddique 2010-06-22 03:56
MashaALLAH! very inspirational and lovely video. May all be on the straight path. AAMIN!
#3 Mohammad Gayasuddin 2010-06-21 14:29
Assalamaualikum WRWB..Mashallah Very Nice Video..
May Allah Bless Both of u and Grant u jannah.. Ameen..
#2 Fathima Zahan 2010-06-21 05:23
Masha'Allah and Alhamdulillah!!
#1 Abu Hafsa Recites Quran with Beautiful Voice and Feeling 2010-06-20 23:12
Totally blind, yet he "sees" clearly the message of Islam and recites the Quran with lovely tone and expression.


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