Birthdays? Eids? Yes? No?

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Celebrate Our Nafs or Fireworship?

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This answer is a topic in itself. -- Allahu 'Alim (Allah is the All-Knower)

Many scholars have offered different opinions based on prevailing circumstances and we have asked our scholars to present us with the actual teachings of the Quran and Sunnah to be sure we will have the most correct answers, inshalah.

Here is Yusuf Estes on TV with "Islam Mail Box" where you can see for yourself..

Birthday rulings 01
According to the Quran and sunnah of prophet
Muhammad, peace be upon him, brithdays . . .

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#1 Omar 2010-06-08 09:06
As Salam Alaikum. I have a question. What if for example, My wife, who is not a Muslim and is a Christian, celebrates such "festivals". in that case what can one do?

Editor - questions should be directed to our scholars on or our website or email: [email protected]

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