Jewish Girl to Islam?

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The following is an article of Israeli Jews who have converted to Islam, translated from a Hebrew website. The sister who sent it is an Israeli convert herself who is quite active in Da'wah in Israel (to the best of her limited capacity). She converted through the efforts of some brothers at She says that a lot of people there are taking interest in Islam and many are converting (reverting?) to Islam.

"My name is Laura Miller, I'm 23 years old and - I'm Muslim"
...And that's NOT ALL - She's Also Jewish!

And there's MORE WOMEN Coming to Islam (NOW....)

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It is true! And it is happening ~ RIGHT NOW!
Brothers, here is the translation:

Precisely at the core of the largest arena of conflict between religions, the State of Israel, hundreds of Jews choose to convert and go on their way to be adherents of Muhammad and Jesus.

Data shows that several hundred Israeli Jews have chosen to convert to the religion of Prophet Muhammad in the last five years, and dozens more have abandoned the faith for Christ's way.

According to Justice Department data, from 2005 to 2007 there were 306 requests made by the Israeli Jews who wished to file for conversion. From these 306 cases, 249 were Jews who wished to become Muslims and 48 Jews who wanted to convert to Christianity. On the other hand, the difference is considerable, with only nine cases filed of former Jews who converted to Islam in the past, but changed their minds after some time and expressed their desire to return back into the fold.

"Realities on the ground are far more serious"

These numbers indicate that the annual average is about 100 Jews who wish to convert. Therefore, we can see a sharp increase in 2008 of those seeking to convert - about 142 cases were filed for conversion this year, the Ministry of Justice reported. Again, the religion that is actually more desirable is Muhammad's religion - 112 applicants wanted to convert to Islam. 26 requests were registered to convert to Christianity, and 4 applications of former Jews returning to their religion.

Half a year since the beginning of 2009, 32 additional cases were filed of Jewish citizens who wanted to anchor the records of the state. 15 of those cases dealt with this religious conversion request, along with an equal amount of requests to convert religion in case of trouble. In addition, two requests were former Jews returning to their religion.

During these years - not including Ethiopian immigrants from the FSU - it is even greater. 820 chose to do so in 2005, a year after they were joined by 589 others, in 2006 it made 556 people in Israel and the Jews, and in 2008 another 767.

"Realities on the ground are far more serious," said an organization called "The Eternal Israel", which is running a project to prevent assimilation. "The data refers only to people who carried out the operation of conversion in government records, while in practice there are many who carried out the conversion operations to Christianity and Islam but are not registered."

MK Uri Orbach from the Jewish response added: "Every Jew who we lose to conversion hurts, but we can take heart that the Jews in Israel are a total of adhesives who feel safe in their religion, failing to respond to temptations and pressures."

Brother, I want to add that the new numbers are much higher, many reverts don't change there religion in their papers so the country doesn't have there information.


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"It is He (Allah) who has named you Muslims" [Quran 22:78]

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#12 Ali 2013-08-28 17:59
Hello brothers, Allah Akbar!
#11 Yusuf Estes 2013-07-18 12:28
By the way - you have to RATE our stories sometimes to be able to COMMENT.
#10 Ibn Adam 2013-07-18 12:26
very good and you should tell your people and moms and dads to get to Islam also to go to jeenah and dont to wait because they would go to hell if they dontt to do it
#9 sk 2013-07-02 12:10
jews are leaving their faith because they see the Zionists turds in action & they don't want 2 be affliated with them. they also found a religion that makes sense.
i'm sure they're not considered true jews by their own people.
#8 Ben A. 2012-12-12 19:57
I can't believe it.
The video website has the proof
Otherwise who could believe this
but she is right there telling her story ON THE 6 O'CLOCK NEWS
#7 Robert 2012-03-26 16:26
It is wonderful to see so many Jews turning to Islam. The path to victory in Palestine is not only armed resistance but also:
1 - Continued conversion of Jews to Islam
2 - Very high Palestinian birth rate - overwhelm the Jews with Muslim babies.

Allah Akbar
#6 mayana 2011-06-16 04:52
allahu akbar kabiran,islam is the true pure and real religioun.
#5 Riaz Sheikh 2011-06-12 06:17
All Praises be to Allah Almighty who give guidance to whom He wishes. May Allah guide all of non-muslims to the way of Islam.
ADVICE to New Converts:You are welcometo Islam. Study Islam yourself and do not follow tom dick and harry in following Islam. Be patience. Do not loose hope in Allah. Alaway seek guidane from Him and beseech Him for forgiveness and mercy and guidance. Try to get the biographies of early Muslims and follow them. I hopr you succeed.
#4 Ershad 2010-10-16 22:08
Allah hu akbar !!!
May Allah wish that THE STATE OF ISRAEL becomes an ISLAMIC STATE guiding all the middle east to ISLAM.
#3 musa jallow 2010-06-02 01:30
All praise be belongs To Allah
the People of the Book are returnung to their birth rights

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