Bible Expert To Ex-Christian

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Bible Expert Denies Today's Bible
Ehrmans Books 2Dr. Bart Ehrman, Ex-Baptist Pastor

[Lecture at Stanford University] He says, "We do not even have a copy - of a copy - of a copy - of copy - of any part of an original manuscript."
According to his expert reseach and... understanding, he asks; "if God is All-Powerful and All-Loving - then how come there is so much pain and suffering in the world."

Bart Ehrman books 10"How Jesus Became God"

While Muslims would be most happy to present Dr. Ehrman with the authentic proofs for the logical understanding of the "Why" behind God's Plans, he has in the past, rejected offers to sit with Sheikh Yusuf Estes and other ex-Christian scholars who are now Muslims after they came the same conclusions as Dr. Ehrman, yet found the best of answers in the teachings of Islam.
Bart Ehrman books 8

Not only have many pastors, ministers, preachers and priests left today's Christianity and Catholocism for Islam, but many layman (and women) as well. Here is a link to their videos, in their own words explaining their reasons for conversion:
Bart Ehrman books 05
Dr. Bart Ehrman, former Baptist Pastor and professor of Bible manuscripts - denies Jesus, denies the Bible of today.
Islam has the answers for him - but when we contacted him for a discussion - he refused to even open up the subject of belief. Muslims know this life is supposed to have these factors as this is the life preparing us for the Next Life - Nobody is going to live in this life forever.
Watch him as he denies the Bible, denies the beliefs and he really doesn't believe in God anymore...
May Allah guide him to truth, ameen.

Bart Ehrman books 6

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