Help! My son said 'There's NO GOD'

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His Teacher Wants
Him to be
an Athest!

Can You Help Us?

Bismillah Rahman Raheem

The problem is we just sent my son who is 17 to a nice private school named(a famous school in a gulf country). But his teachers are telling him there is no god (astaghfirullah) and everything is just by accident. The philosophy teacher gave him questions about universe and life which are not right. And now he just sits there smiling when we talk to him about Allah and he doesn't even looking at us.
We just found out about this when he stopped doing prayers, and no more Quran. We want to know - what to say when he asks us about proof for God & Islam?
How do we connect with him?
My son, is good boy and never makes me a problem, So can you please help?


Thank you for writing to us about this situation. We are seeing this more and more amongst the students attending classes and universities with teachers who have no belief in Almighty God.

If we are talking about Islam versus Judaism or Catholic religions, there are a number of common things and some differences about how we believe in Jesus and the original Bible. That is not too difficult to handle in most cases. However, the problem you have mentioned is very serious and not an easy on to fix. I have tried in the past to help converted atheists (former Muslims) see the truth of Islam, but the problem is the daily encounter with their non-believing instructors.

Most usually their attitude is one of being quite smug and condescending toward Islam - as they consider they 'know more about it than you do' and are not in any need of any religion or belief.

Let's keep in mind we are all in need of the Guidance of Allah. He alone is the Guide and whomever He guides will never be misguided and whomever He sends astray will never be guided, according to the Quran and the sunnah of the prophet, peace be upon him.

I have tried to help several families in your condition in the past. A few parents have listened and helped their kids get back to Islam.

After all, they had the truth, then rejected it and now if they come back, they should expect a life of serious difficulty due to their test being increased by Allah.

Who would want that type of promise for their future when they can (in their minds) simply say, "There is no god. So why worry about it?" and then just go on with their way with no hope for the after-life?

A little side note - the parents of these children will have to suffer the pain of watching them here - and then expect to be asked about this on the Day of Judgment.

This is the price that is extracted for trading the love of this world for the life of the Hereafter.

But there is hope - really!

Trying to simply argue and debate with your child at this point is nearly a waste of time. Allah is the only real Guide - not you and not me.

Here are some of the Questions People Ask About God (and the proper answers from Islam): [Look on the left side of the page]

For the answers to the philosophy and atheist views on science, use this:

If you want the child to have a proper relationship with Allah, then who do you need to be talking to? Me? (No) - Allah!

He can and He will, Guide whom He chooses - not whom you love (nor whom I love).

This is a very clear teaching of the Quran. However, there is something you can do - if you are really and truly serious with Allah.

If you can overcome the attachment of this life and really work toward getting close to Allah Subhannah wa Ta'ala, then things will change for the better all around you, inshallah. Devote 100% of your life back to Him - salat; charity; fasting; hajj; daw'ah.

Then maybe Allah will accept your petition and answer your request. But this means a lot of sacrifice, especially of time and energy from you.

Getting up early on Mondays and Thursdays to prepare for fasting (sunnah) and staying up in the night (qiyam layl), donating time to help the poor and needy and to clean the masjid - help the daw'ah.

All of these are things that can make a difference in your dua being accepted.

Do you want to continue with this train of thought?

Would you really like to put forth this effort?

This is a lifelong commitment and one that I personally made years ago to Allah in order to save my own children from the Fire.

It has meant a sincere effort on a daily basis without even one day off - but it is worth it when I look at the results and I do not regret the things of this dunyah that I sacrificed in order to be closer to Allah.

I do not have the chance to answer these emails in much detail very often - so please be patient when writing and keep in mind it is your communication with Allah that is most important anyway.

I am praying for you son and for you - and for all the Muslims who have neglected teaching Islam to their children while chasing after this world.

I ask Allah to guide you, guide him, guide me and guide us all, to all truth, ameen.

Salam alaykum,

Yusuf Estes


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#11 hassen fromAlgeria 2011-07-12 01:59
I think that because of adolescence.... ....... ,(so mybe he need right doctor...... ),must change to right friends help him to read agin about islame ( t)( ),musst don't worry must be sage,step by step in cha allah but don't be late allah help yoou amine
#10 Fergy 2011-07-11 03:23
he also needs to read also read
#9 Fergy 2011-07-11 03:15
Sad, but what do you do? Not the first won't be the last. Ironically if you want to follow the truth why anyone would want to follow the Bible is beyond me. Even if you put aside all the other proof, evidence, so on and so forth that support the Quran and don't support the Bible which are many!!!! If all you did was compare the Quran to the Bible, it is unfathonable to me how anyone would follow the Bible.____The Quran, never changed in over 1400 years, perfectly written, beautiful, protected by Allah, has stood the test of time, which is a test in itself. The Bible, the several versions, the changes upon changes upon changes, verses on incest, pornography, how woman are looked at like second class citizens, so on and so forth. The Quran believes God saved Jesus (pbuh). The Christians believe he was tortured and humilated. What sort of normal person would even accept that let alone live it. The only reason this boy is picking Christianity is because it is easy, he does nothing, Jesus did it for him afterall, they just party, live their lives, celebrate their pagan christian holidays like xmas and easter and basically do nothing on a daily basis to thank God for anything or do anything God asked. How do they even know what God wants when the Bible is the word of man. Quran unchanged, Bible, corrupt and changed and altered. Uncanny to me I don't understand it. He finds it easy that is why he has chosen this path, now he doesnt have to fast (which is easy and has lots of benefits medically and in the hereafter), he doesnt need to pray, which is easy and so benefical, he doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want. He sounds like a very immature person and not very knowledgeable otherwise no way would a basic christian family even come close to converting him, if anything he should of taught them a thing or 2.____www.answe ring-christiani
#8 Arif khan 2011-07-05 09:35
well the answer which is given is the best if one can understand easily any one have this kind of problem or any other every one should ask ALLAH for help not man because the man himself need help from ALLAH if you ask me who ever you are what ever yusuf estes tell you is the best for you if you really love your son ask ALLAH to help you and yours son.this world is for short time not permanent
thank you
#7 xyz 2011-07-04 09:30
whoa! thats bad...thats why i think parents hv to be sincere when raising a child. upright upbringing of an innocent kid is really important. we hv to hv this in our mind 24-7 that the purpose of our creation and existence in this world is only to worship Allah as Allah (swt) said in Qur'an. its like pouring water into a utensil and putting in freezer and it'd keep freezing and at one point, it'd be all frozen. the same way when a child is innocent and small, we should instill Islamic knowledge in his/her life so when he/she grows, they cling to it and adopt Islamic lifestyle 'cause there's a point when changing one's mentality or thoughts is nearly impossible 'cause they're no longer innocent and do hv the sensibility to take their own decisions so they won't listen to you, its as simple as example i gave above. anway its getting lengthy but i'd say Converts' stories to Islam were amzing and really refreshed my faith and brought me closer to Almighty Allah, thanks for putting 'em up.. so long
#6 Ashrafali 2011-07-02 18:14
Oh uncle.. Wher you get trapped .:sad: seriously . There is only one hope that is Allah.i will insa'Allah attend one more prayer for you.

Allah said in Quran "Truly with hardship comes ease" also "Allah will assurely appoint , after difficulty;easi ness". So please do as Yusuf Uncles adviced you, and please have patience.
#5 muslimkbd 2010-12-09 16:33
It is so painful to hear. May ALLAH (SWT) accept your prayer. May ALLAH (SWT) keep us all on guidance. Every parents should not allow their children to have girl friend. If such thing happens they should first do their best to get them married with muslim girls. Sister give charity to the poor people, mosque, those who are spreading ISLAM, fast two days in every week, recite Koran, perform Tahazzud (late night prayer) salat, cry for you son for ALLAH (SWT). Take this as a test from ALLAH SWT and do your best to pass it. Ask ALLAH SWT in every possible way to guide him to ISLAM. Inshallah ALLAH will accept your prayer.
#4 Muslimahk 2010-07-29 19:24
As Salaam O Alaykum brother,

Although I don't like to but I have to say that what a big mistake you have made by being quite when your son was building a relationship with this non-mehram girl.

Anyway, Allah is most forgiving and Loving and He (swt) will see how sincere you are and will accpet your repentance InshaAllah. Just do what the shiekh has adviced.

#3 UmAbdirahman 2010-06-22 08:14
Really sad email and an excellent response.__As a parent myself the advice on this email to this father and to every muslim parent is pricelss.__Sad to see muslim parents putting so much effort on making sure that their children's worldy education reaches its maximum while we greatly neglect the deen of our children, nurturing their souls with Islaam.__We are born muslims Alhamdullillaah Al Shukr our children should know how lucky they are that they are Muslims and that Islam is everything to us.__May Allah protect our children and us ameen.
#2 Fathima Zahan 2010-06-14 10:08
Well said sheikh! this sort of problem is very common these days. May Allah give guidance to every muslim at a very early stage. I honestly pity such parents, as a mother i can just visualise the instablity of their minds. May Allah protect and guide us all to the straight path, ameen.

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