Blizzard at Guide US TV

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We lost electricity! We lost Internet!
But we didn't lose faith in Allah
Help keep the message on the air!
Yusuf Estes_Snow_Danger2
It really looks like this right here today
[click for full size]


And inshallah, they say there is more of this to come soon.
We need a power generator to keep the power of Islam on air:

Satellite ~ Internet ~ APPs ~ Antennas now in:
NY, LA, TX & Ohio
Al Hamdulillah.

Yusuf Estes_Snow_Danger3
Tell everyone you know to send their support now - inshallah.
We will put it to work right away, inshallah - God Willing.

Do it now - You'll be glad you did and the rewards will start immediately with Allah, inshallah Ta'ala.


#2 Alex 2014-02-21 02:38
Wa alaykum asalaam Sheikh,
I will make dua and ask Azawajal to make your path easy. Inshallah your efforts will be fruitful.
#1 Yusuf Estes 2014-02-13 09:57
Salam alaykum everyone,
We apologize for Guide US TV going off air - we are working around the clock find ways to keep it going.
But we do need your dua and support.
This is a test from Allah for all of us. Let's pass the test!
Let's all donate for America's ONLY voice of Islam in real media.

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