Tony Blair A Terrorist?

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War Crimes?!
Tony Blair! (Is Bush Next?)


If you thought "terrorism" is only associated with Islam and Muslims, think again.
Unless Tony Blair, Mr. Bush and all the "settlers" in Palestine accepted Islam in the last few days
, looks like some other folks - non-Muslims are out there doing acts of "violence & terrorism".

Read what the mainstream news people have kept on the back pages while spending a lot of time talking about 5 ignorant boys going to Pakistan looking for a "jihad"...

- Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, has admitted that he would have gone to war against Iraq even if he knew there were no weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the country.
Yet, at the time it was the supposed WMDs that justified the action. So what does this mean for the public inquiry into the war? And can Blair now be prosecuted for war crimes?
Inside Story discusses with guests Clare Short, a member of the British parliament, David Cole, the managing director of the Atlantic Council, a UK-based think tank on international affairs, and Anas al-Tikriti, the spokesman for the British Muslim Initiative.
Can Blair be tried for war crimes?


#1 Karim 2010-07-05 03:17
Tony Blair and W.Bush have both war crimes undoubtfully.Be cause ____1.Without Iraq's threaten, they attacked Iraq.They killed over 1,500,000 people.Same numbers are without arm and leg. __2.They used light uranium bomb and still there are radiactive illnesses. __3.They caused big environment pollution in this region which we cannnot turn back.__4.They used cehmical weapons understood from the killed peoples photos.__5.Many out of human rights applications refering the press. ____Therefore two people and USA and Uk should be judged both.You can say me how??Of course like Adolf Hitler,Ariel Saron,Mousolini ....One day.. __the people who fear from Allah(God) __

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