STOP Home-Grown Terror?

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5 DC Area Youths in Pakistan
Home-Grown Terrorism?

Home-Grown Hype? Or Combination of Both?

Eminent danger for our future is here in America. About this there can be no doubt. Many Muslims deny or ignore the fact, our own Muslim youth are being..

..adversly infected (not misspelled - I meant infected, not affected), by the distorted picture of Islam, Muslims, beliefs, martyrdom and jihad.

Consider the following:

Washington - Obama's administration, dealing with recent Islamic terrorism cases on U.S. soil, has concluded that the country confronts a rising threat from homegrown extremism.

Officials in anti-terrorist activities notice signs of increased radical thinking amongst even American Muslims, motivated heavily by propaganda on websites like Youtube and social networks like Facebook. Many of these youths talk of being fighters and going to hot spots like Pakistan and Somalia.

Until now, Europe was the front line, target of numerous attacks, while America has been more tranqil - Until now.
The recent events of the military incident in Texas and now the youth in our nation's capitol indicate this year (2009) may well be the most dangerous year for domestic terrorist's plots and activities since September 11, 2001.

Here is what terrorist experts have to say:

* There were major arrests of Americans accused of plotting with Al Qaeda and its allies, including an Afghan American charged in a New York bomb plot described as the most serious threat in this country since the Sept. 11 attacks.

* Authorities tracked other extremism suspects joining foreign networks, including Somali Americans going to the battlegrounds of their ancestral homeland and an Albanian American from Brooklyn who was arrested in Kosovo.

* The FBI rounded up homegrown terrorism suspects in Dallas, Detroit and Raleigh, N.C., saying that it had broken up plots targeting a synagogue, government buildings and military facilities.

Early this month, Janet Napolitano, the Security Secretary of Homeland Security issued a very heavy public comment regarding this homegrown threat.

"We have seen an increasing number of arrests here in the U.S. of individuals suspected of plotting terrorist attacks, or supporting terror groups abroad such as Al Qaeda," Napolitano said in a speech in New York.

"Home-based terrorism is here. And, like violent extremism abroad, it will be part of the threat picture that we must now confront."

Officials note her tone has changed even though terrorism has always been aim as Homeland Security chief.

Throughout the year, this type of extremism seems to be increasing, but what the causes maybe are not agreed upon by experts.

Some are blaming outside sources, others put the blame on sources right inside our own country. Likely there is a combination of both. The Internet is all over the world and easy to access for these types and does not need a scientist background to put up their blogs and forums.

Irresponsible media reporting, programs designed to stimulate hatred toward Islam and Muslims, lack of proper information for authorities trying to deal with Muslims on a daily basis are all areas of concern for experts.

Take for example the very over publisized story of the Army doctor in Texas, the "facts" were very distorted and went unchecked throughout the whole blitz. For instance, the media all copied each other in saying the man had joined the military against his family's wishes when he had just turned 18 years old, while in reality he had only been in for just over 3 years according to the F.B.I. What other "facts" did the media throw out without verifying?
The facts indicate, Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, allegedly killed 13 people and wounded others, in a Ft. Hood, Texas, had actually suffered emotional problems.
But in media "reports" and talk shows, the "experts" who did not even have actual facts, brought into his motives his religion of Islam the alleged motive.

We need sources of information that are responsible and fair in their reporting.

There had also been an attack on U.S. military, in June American convert to Islam shot and killed a fellow soldier and wounded another at the Arkansas recruiting center. This actually turned out to be a individual on his own who had been "radicalized" while in Yemen. This is according to Homeland Security officials.

Media came into play with stories of networks of terrorism operating in the background, high level enemies controlling puppets within our own military set to self-destruct on cue.

We need truthful reporting without added stimulus based on conjecture or speculation.

We see clearly now, the biggest problem we are dealing with is multi-level:
Inaccurate reporting, misinformation, exaggerated stories, irresponsible retaliation, distorted projections and a total lack of consideration for future relations in our country.

We need truth. We need accuracy. We need real information. We need responsible direction - GUIDANCE.

You can make a difference. You can join us to bring this important message to the children of today for the future of tomorrow. Let's make a difference - a real difference - for a better future for us all - always.

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