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All Muslims Must Have a Will
According to Islamic Law

 Bismillah Rahman Raheem. Al Hamdulillah, Rabbil 'Alameen was salat was salam 'ala Rasoolullah.

Each and every man or woman in Islam is required to have a written Will as soon as they know it is required of them.

A written Will should state clearly what is to be done at the time of their death and any special instructions for distribution of assests remaining, in compliance with the Laws of Islam (Shari'ah).

For this reason, we provide a following form:

"The Schedule of Mawarith" (Estate distribution in Accordance with Shariah), made a Waqf (trust) by the author, Monzer Kahf, for Muslims in North America, may Allah shower him and his family with blessing, mercy, and forgiveness.

It is offered as a free religious advice to all.

Dr. Kahf does not hereby provide any legal advice nor does he bear any liability or responsibility for any result of any use/abuse of this form by any person.

The only advice he gives is to consult your own legal adviser and to delete the sentence of Islamic form untill the end of this footnote when you download and use this form:

NOTE: Islam Newsroom does not make any guarantees or promises about the form (below).
Users download with the understanding any responsibility is between them and the author.
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Keep on working, great job!
#1 Abdul 2013-02-10 08:11
asalamu alaikum,

ive always said im gonna write a will, but never got around to actually do iy.

ma salama

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