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"Is There A GOD?"

Debate (today Thursday)
Hear Hamza Tzortzis in a debate. Amazing!
He is standing on my right...

..in the middle of the picture (below).
I can't say his name properly (Tzortzis), so I just call him "Gorgeous" (he doesn't like it) - LOL

Next Big Debate -
"Can we live better lives without religion?"
1st December 2009 at Imperial University.
With the chair of the British Humanist Association's Philosopher's Group Peter Cave.
For more information click here.

'Does God Exist?'
3rd December 2009 at Greenwich University.
With Philosophy Lecturer & Author Richard Baron.
For more information click here.

The God Debate - Evolution and
"Who Designed the Designer?"

So many people have been impressed by these types of debates when there is this high level of expertise in presenting a debate type in a proper way.
-- Hamza Tzortzis is able to present arguements in the best way..

Judging by the reaction of those attending, it was akin to that of a thirsty person in the desert whose long standing thirst had been quenched! Some of the comments we received are below:

“Went to the event at East London mosque- it was BRILLIANT masha'allah- we really need to sense the URGENCY in spreading Islam- & insha'allah we will keep increasing the light of this deen in this world with the help of Allah (swt)”

“I attended the event in East London. I have to say that it was really motivating as well as a huge reminder of our work as Muslims. We have to call as many to the way of Allah as we possibly can and never fall complacent. I have been a victim to this but insha'Allah i intend to change my ways because i know a the end of it, i am accountable to Allah.”

“It was in Manchester today...it was great mashAllah!!”

“Last night i attended the iERA event at Bristol and it was the most wonderful event i ever attended. May Allah bless all the staff and Volunteers that they work so hard for such a noble cause. I wish if i could also contribute any of my skills blessed by Allah for i-era and any organization who r sincerely working for my beloved Islam.”

“Subhanallah! I really enjoyed the iERA event at LMC, Mashallah!...the event was very informative and emotional. Not to mention the Shaykhs with their sense of humour”.

“The event rocked in LEEDS!!!! Marsha-Allah!!!”

Read more about Hamza Tzortzis - http://hamzatzortzis.blogspot.com/

The aim of the tour was to inform, inspire and motivate people to get involved in Da’wah. The feedback and response has been phenomenal, with people wanting the new era in da’wah to start rolling in their town.

The Shahada Trail -

In the very first event in Manchester - one sister took her shahada, alhamdulillah.
Quite a few non-Muslims attended these events, even though the tour's focus was to encourage and enthuse the Muslim communities nationwide.
The ‘shahada’ trail continued with:
One new brother in Brighton -
A new sister in Bristol -
2 who made reaffirmations of faith -
And we even heard the remarkable story of Muhammad -
..an 83 year-old from Jersey, who received da’wah over 60 years ago - and just now embraced Islam! (Long wait, eh?)

So now, the question is - are you ready to join hands with us? Are you ready to support the English dawah worldwide?
In U.K. - contact: iERA with Abduraheem Green and Yusuf Chambers at www.iERA.org.uk
In Malaysia - contact Hussein Yee
Guide US TV logo
in Mexico contact - Omar Weston at www.Islam.com.mx
in U.S. & Canada contact - Yusuf Estes at www.ShareIslam.com/help

And be sure to support Muslim's Voice in America - Help www.GuideUStv.com

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