Curses For Kufar in Ramadan?

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(for non-Muslims)
Is it OK? Halal?

A Muslim sister asks:
"Is it OK to curse people? Like Jews, Christians, etc.?"


Allah has many characterists often called the "Ninetynine Names of Allah":
"The All-Loving (Al Wadud); The Most-Kind; The Most-Just; The Most-Forgiving; The Most Merciful; The Most Compassionate; The All-Patient; The One Who Guides."

From these most excellent qualities we immediately understand, we as Muslims, should exhibit more of these attributes in our own behavior, as did the prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

"Love for the sake of Allah & to Hate for the Sake of Allah" is well known in Islam.

However, hatred just for the sake of hating is very dangerous, and could eventually destroy the one doing it.

Don't do it.

Consider what happened to Muhammad, peace be upon him, when he made the journey to At-Taif, a city in the Mekkah area of Arabia.

He was not recevied by the leaders there (against their custom of receiving all visitors for three days and nights, without asking a single question).

They even turned street urchinsagainst him and his companion, throwing rocks & stones at them. His blood filled his sandals. Now, consider what happened next.

The Arch-Angel (Ruh Qadus or Holy Spirit), Gabriel comes to him and tells him Allah has angels in place to bring down the mountaions of At-Taif on them.

Just say the word, and Allah will Command destruction for these disbelieving folks.

Did he do it? What would you do? Muhammad, peace be upon, raised his hands and made dua (supplication) FOR them, not AGAINST them.

He prayed asking Allah for them to be guided to worship Allah, Alone without partners and for some of them to spread true Islam.

And after all, that is what ISLAM is all about anyway, isn't it?

Our beloved prophet, peace be upon him, did not curse anyone except in extreme cases for specific purposes.

Scholars around the world have told me the same thing.

We should never curse people, except in the most extreme conditions and for similar purposes as did our role model, rasoolullah, sallalahu alayhi wassallam.

Consider what would happen if they would someday come to Islam (like I did).

Isn't it be better to pray FOR people, instead of praying AGAINST them?

Ask Allah to guide them & us and keep our hearts clean and pure.

Use your time to live up to the name "Muslim" ('one who submits to God's Commandments in peace' ISLAM]) and don't waste precious time cursing people.

Let's ask Allah to forgive us and all the Muslims - use our time for this type of dua.

Please pray for us to share this important message with people before it's too late.

We need to all work together & tell everyone about "Laa elaha ill lah".

Use our websites to help do this job -

May Allah guide you and better your affairs, ameen.
Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes
National Muslim Chaplain
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