What Does Islam Do with Apostates?

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Apostates Out of Islam?
Is There Hope for Them?

Somebody Asked About Muslim apostates: "Can someone come back to Islam after leaving it?"

Original article published December 6, 2006

Answer: Yes.

Your question seems to be asking me if a person who has left Islam, can return back to Islam at a later time.

If a person has left Islam it is horrible for him or her and they should really fear Allah for it is only Allah who guides and only Allah who misguides. Allah does this only according to the very inner desires of the human being. Because He never oppresses anyone and He never forsakes anyone. This means the person was allowed to leave Islam, by Allah because He knows inside of them they did not want to be close to Allah.

The question is, can they come back to Islam?

And the answer is: "Yes"

There is evidence for this at the time of the prophet, peace be upon him, as a few did exactly that. But be sure you know, they never gained back the high status they once had in the Muslim community. They were certainly Muslims to be sure and they were treated as Muslims. But they were never going to be back to their excellent status they once enjoyed due to this leaving Islam.

Allah even tells us in the Quran what happens to those who come into Islam, then leave, then come back, then leave and then come back and leave again... it is not going to be good for them to be sure.

Sometimes a person doesn't really leave Islam or deny Allah, they are just not following as they should and there is a big difference between these two conditions. When a person no longer wants to be a Muslim; they don't believe in Allah and they deny the messenger, peace be upon him, then this is going out of Islam. But when a person simply is lazy in the prayers, does not attend the Jummu'ah or pay their zakat - this is horrible, yes, but not a kafar.

Many scholars are of the opinion that if any one leaves the salat they are no longer a Muslim, and this is based on a hadeeth of the prophet, peace be upon him, wherein he said, "Whoever leaves the salat is not from amongst us."

But again, not all scholars agree that this person is a kafar. Pronouncing "kafar" or disbelief on someone is a very extreme thing to do and should be avoided when not necessary due to the sayings of the prophet, peace be upon, regarding those who call someone a disbeliever or dweller of the fire, for sure one of them is.

We recommend for the one who has not been following Islam, to make serious and dedicated taubah (repentance) to Allah and cry to Him and beg Him to guide them back to the truth of "Laa elaha illa lah, Muhammadar Rasoolulah" before it is too late. Tell them to fear Allah and to repent and beg for His Mercy and Forgiveness as much as possible. Then tell them to stay away from anything that makes them feel ashamed of being a Muslim and stay away from people who are not following Islam or are making fun of our deen. This associtation with people of that nature does have a big effect on anyone.

After the person makes taubah to Allah and is really serious about trying to live as a Muslim in front of Allah, have them make the shahadah (bearing witness) to "Laa elaha illa lah, Muhammadan Rasoolulah" as soon as possible in front of some Muslims. It does not have to be in a masjid - nor does it have to be in front of an imam or judge - but if he wants this, then try to accomodate his wishes. Let him know that we are ready to accept him or her back as a Muslim and would be happy for them and try our best to help them in any way that we can, inshallah.

Pray for them and for all of us, that Allah will not let our hearts be deviated away from the true message of Allah and that Allah will keep us on the siratul mustaqeem (straight path), ameen.

Also have them visit our three sites as much as possible on a daily basis for more help:

www.ShareIslam.com Use the questions (left side) to learn how to share Islam
www.ChatIslam.com Scholars & monitors help answer questions
www.TubeIslam.com Upload & watch videos only for real Islam (no bad videos)
www.99Islam.com Enjoy our playlist - sit back, relax & enjoy (daily)

We are praying for them and for you and for all of the Muslims everywhere and asking Allah Subhannah wa Ta'ala to forgive us, accept our Ramadhan, accept our salat, and grant us His Paradise in Jennatul Firdous, ameen.

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#4 Ahmondi 2012-12-02 10:42
As-salamu alaykum! Thank you for posting this!! I became a Muslim later in life (at 32 in 2008) and I married a revert shortly thereafter. Our marriage dissolved 22 months later and during the course of this marriage, I grew further away from the Deen. It took me almost 10 years to get up the courage to accept Islam, and less than 2 to do a 180 back to my old ways. Now, I am remarried (to a non-Muslim) and with child, and we are very happy and kind to each other. But as the days pass, my heart yearns to return to Islam and to do EARNESTLY. __I worry that my husband may not take an interest, but I am more concerned for our gift (baby on the way) and how to best protect her from the Dunya. The first step for me is re-committing myself and of course, staying focused. Your article is a great inspiration, and IshaAllah, I will be successful! __I was wondering if you know of any sisters that can offer support--ones that can empathize with my plight and offer advice from a Muslimah's perspective?__W a-Asalamu-alayk um and thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide!
#3 Rick 2012-04-26 19:37
As-salamu'alayk om,_ There are brothers and sisters in South Asia who are starving. The Missionaries show up with their bibles and instant noodles and the Muslims convert to Christianity so they can eat. Imagine selling our place in Jennah for a bowl of noodles! But when children cry all night out of hunger...._ We are so quick to pass judgment, but I reckon we should leave the judging to Allah (azza wa jell)!_ What are we doing to help retain these hungry Muslim? A few dollars in sadaqa may help keep our brother and sisters in Islam.
#2 Abdul Qadr 2012-03-20 19:00
As-salaamu'Alai kum thank you brother for this information for I am one who fell into laziness and drifted from the straight path. and because of this I let shaitan have free reign. what I didn't know was how hard it was to come back mentally as I was when I first reverted now I'm searching for rehabs and any Islamic help I can get InshaAllah
#1 marcyia 2012-02-29 20:01
i am so glad you clarified this, i was just asking this question about Muslims who are born into Muslim families but never really accepted Islam in there hearts and go away from it and not even sure if they believe it, but eventually study it on there own and realize it is the truth in there hearts and accept it, it is nice to see that they are able to do shahadah and Allah may forgive them and wipe there past inshallah. Because sad to say time to time there are those Muslim parents out there who never really instill Islam in there children especially here in the states where there is so many distractions for our young ones and other beliefs that are taught and introduced in school and among peers that may confuse and misguide our Muslim young ones away from the truth, which is so important for the parents to instill the love and message of Allah into there children from birth on and not only by words but there actions. May Allah guide any ex MUSLIM back to the folds of Islam and have mercy on them if they truly were misguided because shatan is really trying to do just that to all of us, that is his goal.

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