97 Year Old Lady Enters Islam!

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How Old is Too Old?
97 Years OLD to Islam
To Become a Believer?

Enters Islam!

Washington, D.C. ~ U.S.A. 97 Year Old Woman Embraces Islam - after all of her children, grandchildren, great-grand children and even great, great-grand children. Islam Newsroom reports ~

Most of us know, Yusuf Estes has given thousands of shahadahs (pledge of faith in Islam) to people all around the world. Many will ask, "How many people have you converted?" Sheikh Yusuf likes to say, "Well, I don't convert these people - Allah Guides them to His way - to Islam, not me. I just hope Allah will continue to guide me and accept my shahadah on the Day of Judgment".

But one question did come up and got a beautiful answer when someone asked Yusuf Estes, "What is the oldest person you saw enter into Islam?"

Bismillah Rahman Raheem
Salam alaykum dear beloved:

Al Hamdulillah (thanks and praise to God) It's only Allah who guides and whoever Allah guides, none can misguide. Al Hamdulillah.

Islam means "submission in sincere peace to God" and it's for all people, all places, all times - and "Yes! For All Ages!"
And I do mean ALL AGES!

Let me give you one of the best examples I've seen. I remember that I just gave the Jummah khutbah (Friday sermon) at a small masjid (mosque) in Washington, D.C.

Keep in mind, this was ten (10) years ago - (Nov. 26, 2004) that I went to them and did Jummah there.  Afterwards, I was supposed to do a special program for some women and the focus was on the prophets, peace be upon them.

But I had forgotten and was about to leave when the brothers came up and reminded me, I had promised to stay after the sermon to talk with their family members. So, of course I stayed.

The place they escorted me to was the sister's side of the building normally reserved for those sisters who enjoy the privacy and protection of having their space without men around.

While I was talking to the sisters about some things in Islam, they made it clear all of them knew these things and had come to Islam at different times and all of the family, men, women and children were all Muslims - That is, all of them were Muslims except for one: their great-grand-mother who was at that time 97 years old. And she just happened to be there with us in the room on that very day.

As much as all of the family was really into Islam and as much as they were bringing up the children to be good, respectful and loving Muslims, somehow their great-grand-mother was just not giving up her faith for Islam.

According to what they told me, it seems none of them could get this kind and gentle woman to make her shahadah, mostly due to some misconceptions she had concerning the concept of Jesus, peace be upon him and Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Her family members had seen some of my CDs and tapes and visiting my websites. They were convinced, if I would talk with her, she might understand better and then accept the message of monotheism in Islam, inshallah.

After almost a half hour discussion of the Bible, Jesus, Muhammad (peace be upon them), she began smiling and happy to say her shahadah in front of all three generations of her decendents. Allahu Akbar!

Yes! Islam is for all ages, all people, all times and all places!

Let's all promise to keep on praying and working together to help others know the real truth about the world's fastest growing religion - "ISLAM"

Salam alaykum,
Yusuf Estes

By the way, I met with one of the grandsons of this sister a few years ago. He told me, "She's doing fine, praying and everything - and encouraging her children, grandchildren, great grand children and now - GREAT, GREAT, GRAND CHILDREN to be good Muslims and call others to the truth. Maashallah. Allahu Akbar!

Brothers and sisters in Islam, it's my pleasure and honor to join anyone in calling to Islam for the sake of Allah. So, join me now and let's help others see the beauties and benefits of being a Muslim, especially in today's world, inshallah.
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#4 Atlas Berry 2014-03-25 12:35
I was looking to give dawah & searching then I found 97 Year Old Lady Enters Islam by you. And I do have 2 questions:
1. How do I convince someone like this?
2. Have you seen website www.WhatsIslam.com

Also, if you posting on other pages let me know, inshallah. Please list all your pages like your Facebook & twitter stuff
#3 aslam 2014-02-18 03:51
dear yousaf estes I am a muslim from Pakistan. I am very happy to see you preaching islam. but Christians in Pakistan are trying to convert muslims in to Christianity through many many ngos and our govt is silent in this case
#2 Yusuf Estes 2014-02-17 23:54
Salam Alaykum
we all need to share the message of true love and peace in Islam.
You never know who might be next.
No one's knows how long they'll live.
Tell people "Worship the Creator not the Creation"
it really works.
And tell them to watch www.GuideUS.TV
#1 mohammed Taslim 2014-02-17 00:10
SOBAHAN ALLAH! we need to show more people and non believers the right path to DIN to Islam. Especially to the people like this..

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