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Truth About REAL Islam


Topic Answers to Questions about Islam & Muslims

Where can we get true and simple answers to our questions about Islam - in plain, simple English?
We are tired of waiting and want to know how to find answers for ourselves -

Thank you - May Allah Reward you.

Teacher - Yusuf Estes

Good question - and it is about time someone provided us with the proper answer.

We have developed a number of websites with different "KEY WORDS" in the actual name of each site. This means the "search engines" (like Google) can find these websites when someone is looking for a certain topic or subject.

All you have to do is go to our site: - then type in your KEY WORDS

Example "Ayesha" + "marriage" will get you a list of articles explaining the truth about her age and the marriage to the prophet, peace be upon him.

Or use "wives" or "women" - watch what you get!

Idea visit our website:

Look for answers there - and leave your question for us if you don't locate what you're after.

Research And for a real nice, big website with lots and lots of good, detailed answers: or more:
Well? Why wait? Go for it - >

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