Many Bibles? Which One's Right?

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Bible: Close Up

Bible / Quran


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Bible Experts?

Son of . . WHO?

Bible For Muslims?

Bible: Close Up

Bible vs. Quran

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Bible(s)? Which One?

QUESTION from A Muslim:
Muslims, what are we supposed to believe about the Christian Bible (in English)?
Is it still the same?
Do we believe everything in it?
What does Quran say about the Bible?"
- signed, Confused in Texas

Dear "Confused" - You have good points - but read on to get real facts - Before you speak about the "Word of God" . . .

The BIBLE Considered sacred text by three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Muslims - Here's your chance to learn more about The Hypertext Bible
Bible Scholars say  -  The Bible has changed -
Is it True? Do You Know Better?
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Some say, "The Bible is absolute literal, truth exactly as it came to the prophets."
But not all of the experts make this claim. Many others question the validity and authenticity of the translations, manuscripts and scrolls.
Some claim it is no longer even relevant, after all, times have changed the world is different today.
Christian and Jewish scholars even say the original is lost forever and today we do not even have a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of the original manuscripts.

Some even doubt the Bible was actually from God in the first place, attributing the writings to well meaning people from milleniums ago.


Find out more about the most most published book on earth in the English language -

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But what do Muslims believe about the Bible? [click here]

Solve the "mysteries" of the Bible & Christianity:

What about Allah? Find out the comparison between "God" and "Allah":

Prophet Muhammad? What do we believe about him?

Quran explained:

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This page links together all of the Bible resources at sacred-texts. The table below has links to the following texts:
King James Version
(KJV), the best known English translation




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#2 ibrahim 2012-09-14 08:12
as salam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh____An other informative article by IslamNewsRoom, mashaAllah.____ The links given in this article above were fabolous, I had read all the links full of concise information with clear and clean explanations to the matters within, very very very recommended to all who wants to understand the Bible, Eesa (Jesus) peace and blessings be upon him, and the way/religion of the One and Only God, Allah.____Defin etely worthwhile reading all the content in the links in above article!
#1 sk 2011-11-05 04:40
The original books taurat & Injeel were only for their nations. These books was not meant to last. When Jesus & Moses left their earth, the original message was lost or corrupted. The Quran was sent to all nations, to people for all times. The Quran superceeds all previous scriptures & all other previous rulings are void. We believe in the bible only as to what is confirmed in the Quran. Such as Jesus being the messiah or there was a last supper.

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