Islam "NOT" Fastest Growing Religion? Wow!

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Yusuf Estes - "Lies & Liars" (#2)


I only found out the proof of some very horrible lies about Muslim population last year or so. And since then, I have tried to correct the mistakes we have been spreading about our religion and our people - The Muslims.

We are the fastest growing - religion in the world.

(I know this is going to make some Muslims go mad and wild and call me names - but please, brothers and sisters, stop and think about it).

Fact is, Muslim population has some losses, especially in certain countries we have visited in the last 5 or more years.

After speaking with imams, people of dawah, Muslim teachers and educators in Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan and even Afghanistan - not to mention many other so-called "third world countries", we learned far too many Muslims leave Islam for the real fastest growing cult group on earth - "Atheism".

That's right, Muslims along with Christians, Jews, Hindus and other faith groups are actually all suffering from the tendency of our youth to leave belief altogether and just give up on God.

Who are the people who have been saying this to the general public over the last two decades?

Believe it or not...

The most famous, public celebrities who have talked like this have proven over and over - time and again are the very enemies of true religion, especially Islam.

We have heard these claims so many times and so loud, that we came to believe these things, without ever checking up on it.

But why would they lie?

Indeed! A good question.

Who stands to gain the most out of such outrageous claims in the first place?


Because with claims like this the Muslims we have met seem almost at ease with the idea of talking to others about our religion in an educated and proper manner.

We think to ourselves, "There is no big deal for me to get involved in dawah (sharing the invitation to Islam). After all, isn't Islam the fastest growing religion in the world?"

So, we did nothing or very little in the last 20 years and there is little hope of us doing anything about soon, unless we deal with the truth.


This kind of talk would only cause them to become upset with Muslims and cause problems between them in many places.

There would be no benefit for a true Christian to ever spread such falsehoods.
Besides, they have a commandment from God in their "Old Testament" commanding them, "Thou shall not lie".


This kind of talk would only cause them to loose their status in the world and when people found out, which of course they will. This would also cause problems between them and Christians and Muslims in many places. And in the final picture they would not reap any benefit from these lies.

Besides, they also have the same commandment from God in their "Old Testament" commanding them, "Thou shall not lie".

Hmm? Keep reading and see...

Think about this - If someone comes running up to you and tells you your neighbor's yard is growing new weeds faster and faster, everyday, what will you think?

You will fear these weeds are going to come over on your lawn and ruin all your grass. What do you do?

The idea is to put fear in the non-Muslims hearts toward Islam and make it easier to consider doing "Whatever it takes" to preserve your own way of life; to safeguard your children and their future against some kind of radical take over by crazy monsters who love to blow up places and commit suicide.

The same folks who go around putting fear into people with false claims about "radical Islamists" and "extremist Moslems" are very often the same ones who are quick to promote these exaggerated numbers and made-up demographics we see on YOUTUBE and GOOGLE VIDEOs.

Who are these people? What do they want? Why would they do something like this?

They are liars. They would lie even if the truth would help them. They do not know the truth because they have lied so much.

And what is worse - many of them are doing it in the name of their so-called "society" or "religion". When in fact, the society or religion do not call for such things. In fact, they would forbid such actions on all levels.

The facts of this are looking us in the face - every single day. Will we wake up? Will we stop lying along with them? Will we make some effort to get some facts - BEFORE we post something on the Internet - on a blog - on a forum - on a website - in an email - FaceBook - Twitter - text messages?

Now check out this link for part 1:
Muslim Demographics: Fact or Fiction?

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Salam alaykum
This is a very interesting article.

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