California Girl to MUSLIM?

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New Muslim - Same Name
Angela Collins is Muslim 01
Angela Became Muslim: WHY?


"California Girl" - Angela Collins Accepted Islam

"When you think - 'California girl' -
you probably think of someone like Angela Collins
. . a blond with surfer girl looks."

"Angela grew up Catholic, but she left the church and converted
. . and today Angela Collins is MUSLIM!"

Angela Collins video 1

Why is Islam the FASTEST GROWING RELIGION?News 20000 converts
Over 20,000 PerĀ  Year in USA?

Why MORE WOMEN enter Islam than man?

Why PRIESTS & PREACHERS enter Islam?

Watch Videos of Convert Stories on
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"If Allah brings someone to Islam by your hand -
it is better for you than 'ad-dunya wa maa fee haa'
(the universe and everything in it)"
- saying of prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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