Slavery In Islam?

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Free A Slave
Go to Paradise

ISLAMIC LAW & SLAVERY - by Yusuf Estes

We offer a close examination of one of the most controversial subjects within Islam - Slavery

Find out what critics of Islam say - -


"Why does Islam promote or allow slavery?"

For those who are ignorant to the facts of Islam, we offer the following information from the Quran and the hadeeth (sayings and teachings of Muhammad, peace be upon him) - We say:

"It is well established and authentically recorded throughout the last fourteen centuries, Islam by way of the teachings of the Quran (in Arabic) and the authenticated hadeeths of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), clearly call for and promote: Rights for all humans - Dignity for all - Justice and freeing of slaves."

Human rights and freedom for all of humanity to live together in peace under just and fair laws, is the exact goal of the message of Islam itself. The problem for non-Muslims is a lack of exposure to the true teachings of the principles and ordianances of Islam based on the Arabic Quran and the authentic sunnah (way of Muhammad, peace be upon him).

Today as strange as it may sound, even some Muslims, ignorant of Islamic teachings are saying things about Islam that are quite misleading, incorrect or in some cases, the very opposite of what Islam really teaches.

Consider this question being offered to us by people born of Muslim parents, yet do not even have the basic teachings established in their own thinking:

"Why didn't Muhammad, peace be upon him, abolish slavery altogether?"

For them we say:

"It is easy to take a pen and write beautiful statements or lovely sounding ideals, but to actually put these into affect in real communities and bring about sufficient change to any society is obviously a very real job".

This is an effort to provide, in detail a proper, authentic reference in the English language for those people who might be interested in discovering the real truth concerning the message of Islam regarding human rights in general and freedom for slaves in particular.
We ask Allah to accept from us this effort and to guide the reader to keep an open mind and open heart, ameen.

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