Female Chauvinism?

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WHAT? Women Attacking Men?
Isn't this Female Chauvinism?



Read for yourself at Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1)
chau·vin·ism [shoh-vuh-niz-uhm]  –noun
1. zealous and aggressive patriotism of blind enthusiasm for military glory.
2. biased devotion to any group, attitude, or cause.
Compare male chauvinism.
(Why does Dictionary.com assume chauvinismis male-related only?)


Feminist Public School System
A Toxic Environment


It's moderately common to find girls wearing anti-male, hate clothing.
By Brian Simpson (pseudonym) says -
"I've been a supply teacher for 20 years in every subject area . . .

. . K-12  in over 200 schools and in over 1000 classrooms in a large Canadian city.  I can report that the education system has been taken over by feminists and lesbians who preach a daily diet of hate, violence and discrimination against males despite pretenses of “tolerance” “non violence” and “inclusiveness.”

It's moderately common to find girls wearing anti-male, hate clothing.  Slogans on T-Shirts include: “Stupid Factory:Where Boys are Made;” “BOYS ARE STUPID, THROW ROCKS AT THEM!” and (prefixed by the profile view of a handgun)  “He had it comin'”

Also: “MENtal Anxiety - MENtal Breakdown - MENstrual Cramps -  MENopause - Notice how all our problems begin with MEN?"

Can you imagine if these comments were addressed at girls?

I've been in staff rooms where I have read pamphlets issued by the Canadian Federation of Teachers about Afghanistan.  Exclusive concern was shown for women, girls and female babies and none for males despite the fact that boys had the double-whammy-plus of being forced to carry a gun, kill and be killed, traumatize and be traumatized, starting as early as eight-years-of-age.  They had been denied schooling and been traumatized for life.  The girls only had been denied schooling.

I've been in classrooms where videos were shown blaming all date violence on males.  No sexual violence female-to-male was mentioned and women were referred to as "men's property."  Once the video had been shown, the girls overflowed with anti-male hate statements and the boys were afraid to speak on any matter.  I told students that the video's depiction was false but they insisted that the video depiction was the absolute truth.  Such indoctrination is the norm in schools.

In the context of the omni-present, "Women's History Month" posters in the school, I have been in homerooms in which the boys are so abused by their feminist teachers that they cannot even whimper, even after serial attempts to get them to say anything at all.  In one classroom in which Grade-12 students were nearing their graduation, I had a boy cry  about the climate of ever-climaxing anti-male hate.


As a male, I am routinely discriminated against for employment with no recourse to authorities.

In supply teaching, patterns emerge such as gender-cleansing in the early years (Men need not apply.)  The substitute clerks want women, and when they can't get them (a rarity), a man can get called at the last minute (late calls generally translate as, "I-couldn't-get-a-woman call"). 

In my experience, all substitute clerks are women.  In the last two decades, phone/computer machines have been put into place in various districts.  As a result, when IT phones instead of SHE, the early years open up to men, initially.  The resultant realization that the conventional gender-cleansing is not in place results in male supply teachers being "greeted" by school secretaries (always women) who ask the man reporting to the office in the morning, "What are YOU doing here?"  "I'm here for____(a woman teacher)."

 In response to that, the secretary reports the man to the principal who tries to gender-cleanse by saying to the male supply teacher, "I can give you Grade 5."  "No, thanks, I'll take the Kindergartens."  I've even had to discuss such matters for two minutes with some principals. 

In the hundreds and hundreds of applications I have put into for teaching jobs, I have never had a response to any application for Grade 2, Grade 1 nor Kindergarten; and I've only had one interview for a position in Grade 3--which was assigned to a woman.


Here are some of my experiences as an Education student. 

First of all, to be in teaching is to be immersed in femininity.  Wall-to-wall women, everywhere; the students, the teaching staff, the curriculum, the posters on walls, the celebrations, the laments, the teacher unions, the student unions, the union unions.  In perfect lock-step, all are one, and half of humanity counts for nothing, except to be harmed, of course. 

In one class, the professor had issued a 4-page photocopy to all students (26 women and 3 men in the room).  The article was composed entirely of assertions.  There was a perfect void of evidence.  The essence of the article was that men, most especially white men were all advantaged and that women were all disadvantaged.

The monomania was so advanced that one black woman complained that whereas there was affirmative action for women, including black women, it was mostly Caribbean black women who got the jobs and not the African black women.  The women in the room gushed with sympathy that such a situation could persist in Canada.  Various women-as-victim and men-as-victimizer as the universally advantaged had serialized.  I waited for an almost void in the lament and had declared various facts. 

I pointed out that in Canada's armed services, over 116 000 men and boys and only 30 women and no girls had been killed in service and that the response of governments in Canada and elsewhere the world over had been one of, "Advance women." 

I pointed out that in the civilian work world, up to 2005, just over 96% of job-caused deaths were male and that as of 2006, with the boom in the economy, for the first time, just over 1000 men and only approximately 20 women were killed.  

The women who spoke (about 12 of them), utterly whaled against me in seething frenzied hate.  It was like being in a Nazi Party meeting.   I was shouted-down.  In fact, the women who insisted that the proper world order was save-the-women/kill-the-men, complained vociferously to the knights in shining armor (the few men who were allowed into the teaching faculty.)

These professor men called me at home on a Sunday to set up a meeting to censor me for raising gender issues!.  They didn't complain about what the women were doing. 

The one male professor encouraged me to get out of teaching by way of using the university employment service (a feminist organization.)

I told them that in every case, I was responding to the women who had raised the issues in the first place and that they had to back off.  The head professor said he would speak with the professors.  But, following that meeting, my classroom curricula had included one article about suicide which mentioned that female depression was 50% higher than male depression, but did not mention that male suicide was 400% higher than female suicide.

 Another professor issued learning-outcome statements to the class which counselled us to include examples of women (and not examples of men).


Previous to that event, we teacher-students were shown a video of two teachers in team teaching.  The woman teacher in the video had the line assigned to her, "I hope I'm treated as an equal (by the man teacher)" and the man teacher was assigned the line, "I'll have to guard against my male ego." 

The same female professor who had presented that video had chosen a text book which included curricular topics for lesson plans.  The topics included, "Violence against Women" (and, of course, no concern for "Violence against Men"). 

During one presentation, a mother of a disabled daughter told how some, "ardent Feminist" women had taken her daughter to a male strip joint.  Such was described by the mother as, "wonderful."  Following that, the same "ardent Feminist" woman had taken her daughter to the USA to attend a Feminist, "woman's music camp" and we were shown a slide of those women, many of whom were topless. Evidently lesbianism is encouraged.

 "So, why didn't you complain to officials of the university or elsewhere?"  My answer is as follows:  The student union had a handbook which blamed all date violence on men and its front office window had three prominently displayed posters about date violence which blamed into all on men.  Also, annually, the union had taken part in the Marc Lepine remembrance day ceremonies at the university...which blamed everything on men.  As for the university, it had Women's Studies and no Men's Studies, and a , "Womyn's Center" and no Men's Center.  The, poster, "greeting" men to the Womyn's Centre" reads: 


Welcome to the Womyn's Centre

This is a SAFE PLACE for Womyn

and Womyn identified people only.

MEN are asked to KNOCK before entering and to use the space briefly

Only to access the resources such as:  pamphlets, free stuff and books in the Library.

Thank you for your respect and understanding.

 To the above, I can only say, "No thanks for the disrespect and hate."


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