Muslim Lies & Truth?

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How to Find Out ~
Who's Truthful & Who's Lying



GUIDE US TV UPDATE - For the Believers -

What's up with blogs on Washington Post, Newsweek and other journals?
Muslim "opinions" are suddenly all over the news after the recent statements coming from the some liars regarding Saudis moving the grave of our prophet -

Bismillah - Peace to all who seek truth:

       Unfortunately today, we find truth and lies woven together in the same fabric and presented as facts by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

This blog is no exception.

We understand the non-Muslim's ignorance of real Islam and their negative attitude toward Muslims considering the steady diet of misinformation to which they are constantly exposed.

       However, there is no excuse for Muslims lying and misrepresenting Islam - or anything else for that matter. Shame on those who knowingly deal in falsehood.

A smart reader will consider three things:

1. Who is saying it?
2. What might be their motives?
3. Does it factually match testable evidences?

Next time you find a Muslim prevaricating (speaking falsely or misleadingly; deliberately misstating or creating an incorrect impression; lie) LYING - show them what Islam really says about this:

Ask them to aquire real facts about their own religion before attempting an intellectual discourse in a public forum such as this.

And while you have their attention, you might remind them to keep an open mind (and a closed mouth) while listening patiently to other opinons, as this happens to be something real Islam teaches.

Real Islam teaches: "There should never be oppression; either to self or others." When you see oppression, you should:

A. Stop it
B. Speak out against it
C. Hate it will all your heart!
At least recognize it for what it is - and hate it in your heart (and this is the weakest of faith)

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught his followers,
"Let the one who believes in Allah and the Last Day - either speak good or remain silent."

While giving presentations on Islam around the world, I have observed less patience from the Muslims than from non-Muslims.

Ask them (Muslims & non-Muslims attacking Islam) to check out today's solutions to age old problems of faith:

Peace -
Yusuf Estes, National Muslim Chaplain,
United Nations Delegate to World Peace Summit for Religious Leaders (retired)
Washington, D.C. USA

PS - want the "real story"? Go to:

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