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"Trick Questions"trick Questions

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After "Heath" wrote back again with more questions, saying he was "confused" about Islam, it became even more clear he was playing around and just trying to make fitnah (difficulties and problems).

We wrote back again with another answer:

Bismillah Rahman Raheem
Answer #0306-24 1:20 PM

(Yes Heath, I do believe you are confused - no doubt about it)


It really seems to me, Heath, you read my replies only trying to find something to argue about as though you missed all of the thousands of other words in the text. What about the answers to the questions that you posed that proved to be untrue questions? Did that wake you up at all? Are you not thinking in terms of what you are really doing here?

Nonetheless, I will clarify for you what you said to me and what I said to you. I request that you do not misquote me again. This is my job as the National Chaplain for Muslims and I do take it very serious.

Look closely at your email (entire email is reproduced for you below) . You are asked me:

"you included Jews as some of the people who dont belive jesus died on the cross......which this is not true, jews today believes jesus was killed by the romans" 

But look at the context within which you asked the question. Consider how you presented the other questions with regard to "Jesus on the cross." You said:


You know I've been studying Islam for a few months and I'm quite sure its the right religion, but not as certain as one should be if they were going to say shahadah. So, if you could answer something's for me I would be ever so grateful...

1. If everything happens by the will of God, why is Christianity the most wide spread religion in the world?

2. Why did God allow so many people to think Jesus died on the cross?
And I've read some Christians say the "deception" of the Quran is that it says, Jesus didn't die for them, if you could read isiaah 42, in the Old Testament, it clearly says things like "he endured pain for us, our sins are gone through him," Can u answer this please?

3. What will really happen to, say for instance, a Christian, who never heard about Islam, and they died.....like billions of people have; will they go to hell just because they didn't believe in Muhammad?

If 'Yes', how is that fair?


Now, let us look to how you took that out of context. I answered you, with regard to a question about the number of people who don't believe that Jesus for them.

Again, I would call your attention to #3, above. You are assuming that "so many people think Jesus died on the cross." But in reality of the six or seven billion people living on earth, a minority - not a majority carry this belief.

Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Taoists, Native Americans, aboriginals of Australia and millions more do not believe any of that.

Although you did not put this in question #3, it was definitely the implication that anyone would have understood.

So, if you feel good by being able to take out 15 million Jews from the total number of 4 1/2 billion people who don't believe in Jesus death on the cross, please feel free to make that mathematical adjustment and see what difference it makes in regard to the context of the question and the answer.

And for the record, you should know that I have met Jews do not believe that Jesus did die on the cross, because they don't believe he ever existed in the first place.

in reply to the former email ......you included Jews as some of the people who dont belive jesus died on the cross......which this is not true, a jew today believes jesus was killed by the romans, dont they.....??
also.....about the, you dont need to beleive in muhhumed, and you can still go to paradise....well ive read these

The following is a hadeeth from our prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in the collection of the Sunan of Al-Darimi:

"O messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. This is a copy of Torah (Old Testament)". Prophet, peace be upon him, remained silent. Then 'Umar began reading from it, and the prophet's face began to change.

Then Abu Bakr, may Allah have Mercy on him, interrupted 'Umar, "Don't you see the face of prophet?"

'Umar looked up at prophet's face and said, "Allah save me from His anger, and the anger of His prophetWe accept Allah as our Lord, Islam as our deen (way of life or religion) and Muhammad (peace be upon him) as our prophet!"

Then Prophet Muhammad, (peace be upon him) said, "I swear by the One who owns my life (Allah), if Moses was here now before you and you followed him, leaving me, you would go far astray from the right path, and if he were alive and reached my prophethood, he would have followed me."


Again, we can see how people who want to disbelieve will ignore clear proofs and signs coming right to their email - Why don't they want to open their minds and believe what is the truth?
Good question.
Let us know when you find out - LOL

OK - And here is another one - (without the emails of the people)

One More Time - Before we begin, let me remind you of your previous email to me:

This is a clear statment regarding Moses (peace be upon him) scripture and religion, as being abrogated after the Quran was revealed.

The Muslim position concerning all previous scriptures, such as the Torah, Zabur (Psalms) and Injil (Gospel) is, these are abrogated by Allah's Revelation of Quran and can no longer be followed.

Christian missionaries who claim Quran points to Bible as being valid or still in authority are making false statements, otherwise why would Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, have to leave his former Shari'ah for the revelation of Allah's Quran?

We refer back to the Quran in the following verses:

    • "Verily, the Deen (way of life) with Allah is Islam" (chapter 3, Al Imran, verse 19)
    • "Whoever seeks after any religion other than Islam, it will not be accepted of them, and in the Hereafter they will be amongst the loosers" (chapter 3, Al Imran, verse 85)
    • "On this day, I (Allah) have perfected for you, your deen (way of life) and conferred upon you My Favor, and have chosen for you to to submit in Al-Islam (peaceful submission to God Almighty). (Chapter 5, Al Maidah, verse 3)

It is clear that Islam is the final religion and whoever does not accept Islam would be a loser on the last Day.

Regarding previously "revealed religions", such as Judaism and Christianity -- It is understood in Islam, these were valid at the time of revelation in the era in which these prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Solomon and Jesus Christ (peace be upon them all) - and this is confirmed in the Quran itself.

However, these were abrogated (replaced or updated) by the universal message of Islam. This is also confirmed in a number of verses in the Holy Quran.

The English speaking Muslims are themselves sometimes confused on these points, due to exposure to false theories offered by some translators and teachers affirming these faith groups today as if they were the same as when revealed, but they ignore or deny abrogation of them and do not mention it is kufr (disbelief) to consider these remnant cults that might still bear the name of these previously valid revealed relitions, such as "Christianity" and "Judaism". These are not acceptable to Allah, Almighty and Most High is He, after they have come to know about prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and the message with which he was sent to the entire world.
--- Note: All scholars of Islam agree upon this matter. There is no disagreement of Muslim scholars concering abrogation of previous religions such as Jewish and Christian, and more important for Muslims, believing in these today as being valid is one form of kufr.

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Any good is from Allah the mistakes were from myself.
May Allah guide all of us to His Truth, ameen.
Salam alaykum - Yusuf Estes
National Muslim Chaplain (now retired)

Answers from Sheik Yusuf Estes, National Muslim chaplain (retired), American born, former Christian, a student of excellent scholars in aqeedah (belief), fiqh (understanding) and Arabic language. He does offer help with authentic information - in easy English for questions about Islam and Muslims.

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