So Many Women Enter Islam?

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While You Slept . .

Islam NewsRoom UPDATES (continued)

Folks are asking about the people of Gaza, like this:

"What is it about the Muslims?" "How can they have such strong spirit?" "Why are they able to stand for the situation they are in?" "Is there something we can learn from them?"

The basic questions are answered by the "Speech" or "Recitation" of Almighty Allah (God). For example, questions like: 

1) “Where did we come from?" --
2)  "What about 'evolution '?" --
3) "Science tells us, there is no god!"
4) "Is there really life after death?" -- 
5) "How can we believe in 'God’, with is so much evil going on?" -- 

Now we come to the real questions . .

6) "Is there really a God?" --
7) "Is God really ONE? And what about 'trinity'?" -- 
8) "Is there any proof or evidence for God? -- 
9) "What is my purpose in life?" -- 

Only nine questions. But if these questions are answered correctly, you too can find security, safety, and peace.

This is going to be a real adventure, but let’s take it one step at a time. First, what is the difference between “Faith” and “Proof”? Is there any proof, real testable evidence for “GOD”? And do we really need proof? Let’s take our first step right now and find out.

Suppose someone challenges you by saying, Prove there is a 'god'!" What would you say to them?

Simple: “Prove there's NOT!

I know, it sounds strange. But this is the answer to anyone challenging the proof for God. Regardless of the science “experts” and evolutionists, the answer for Muslims is really simple.

After all, where did we come from? Where did the first living thing come from? The world came from where? The Universe? What caused the “Big Bang”? Who caused the “evolution”?

Answers to these questions (with proof to back it up) is available right now.

It’s “The RECITATION”, in Arabic it is called “QURAN”.

Regardless of what you call it, we find the answers to all of these questions from THE RECITATION, and it exactly remains the same over centuries of time and throughout the entire world.



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