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Covid Varient

Sweeps L.A.

Islam Newsroom .com - January 4, 2022 - Omicron Updates

January 4 Omicron Variant & Pandemic News

Los Angeles Public School Kids Need Negative Covid Tests to Enter After Winter Break

New requirement for L.A. Unified students now requires kids to show negative Covid tests before going back to class after winter break. But they get one day extra to comply.

kids learn prevention

January 10 was the original date for school to start back up, now the district came up with a "Pupil Free Day" so kids can get their testing results before class on the 11th of January.

“Los Angeles Unified now requires COVID-19 testing for all students and employees, regardless of vaccination status, before the first week back from winter break. All students and employees will be required to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test in order to come onto campus on January 11,” District's email message to parents of children attending school there on Monday.

The Los Angeles School District is the largest in our nation to mandate a negative Covid test. They are offering self-test that are fast for kids to get a different locations around the county on Friday and Saturday.

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Since the return to school in the fall, weekly testing has been in place and will keep going, required are masks inside and outside. Masks are provided if the kids loose or forget theirs. 

The vaccinations and booster shots are not expected to be requred, although highly recommended and appreciated by many of the teachers and staff. But the Fall semester may be a bit different, starting with a vaccine mandate.

Omicron variant is pushing numbers up in unbelievable portions. The New Year rang in, and parties, get-togethers and family outings were the main source of dangers for everyone..

Public health officials in Southern California, once again asking people there, "Follow guidelines, social distance and wear masks even if you got the vaccine."

Will people in California respond?

We'll soon see . . .


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