CDC Officials Object to "Virus Test Guide"

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C.D.C. Doctors Object

to “Virus Test Guide

on C.D.C. Website

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Islam Newsroom -- Thursday, September 17, 2020 4:20 PM PST

C.D.C. “Virus Test Guide”

Not Approved by Officials at C.D.C.

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Last month’s publication on the C.D.C. website concerning coronavirus (Covid-19) testing guidelines, was objected to by the C.D.C. scientists and officials.

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The website publication claimed testing people who are exposed to Covid-19 but do not show symptoms of the virus, do not need to be tested.

CDC masks not sure

However, medical examiners, pathologists, and public health experts were pushing harder for more testing — not less testing, say C.D.C. officials.

CDC masks take off

According to agency sources, the publication was revised with an alternate direction by the director, Dr. Robert Redfield, against the agency’s very stringent process of review.

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