Bernie Sanders QUITS!

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Sanders Drops Out!

Bernie quitsAnother update - more coming

Islam Newsroom - IT IS OFFICIAL - BERNIE SANDERS - QUIT JUST NOW [share now]

His LIVE webcast ended along with his campaign! He told the world, "It's not over" and "This was not about me. It never was." He encouraged all of us to support the likely possibility of replacing our current government with something better - MUCH BETTER.

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On this 8th day of April, while most of us sat at home with little or nothing to do - Senator Bernie Sanders went live on a webcast to tell us he quit the race for president. This lets Joe Biden be the last hope for Democrates in a race that had over 25 candidates . .

Bernie started by thanking all the supporters and donors for their efforts and tried to ease the way to drop out of the race.

What else did Bernie tell us . . ?

“The path toward victory is virtually impossible,” he said in the live webcast.  He concluded his battle for "the Democratic nomination will not be successful.”

Bernie quits blue button(LIVE on a webcast)
Campaing for Bernie Sanders ENDED TODAY!

Back in February the Wall Street analysts warned us stocks were likely to drop if Bernie continued to do well in the polls. He was becoming a very strong possibility to upset the current administration, namely Donald Trump.

Now Biden is the next favorite Democratic favorite for the White House. His primary wins in South Carolina and the Super Tuesday states said it all.

Now Bernie Sanders — Junior senator from Vermont and a hardworking fundraiser — gave in to the calls asking him to drop out over the last few weeks.

“While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not,” Sanders also said in Wednesday’s webcast.

We all watched as Bernie Sanders told the world - "It's not over" But it we do need to continue to bring about a better government for our country (inshallah)

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