Trump Lost Out

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Trump Looses Out to Immigrant Apprentice

("Trump, YOU'RE FIRED" or maybe "Immigrant Takes Trump's Job')?
Hey, remember last September when "The Donald" got canned?"

The Celebrity Apprentice TV show's famous words, "You're fired!" got changed to "You WON'T be back" or maybe, "You've been TERMINATED."

Why? -- Arnold Schwarzenegger (an Immigrant from Austria) TOOK DONALD TRUMP'S JOB - as the host of the TV series on NBC.

Schwarzenegger, a huge fan of The Celebrity Apprentice said, "I am thrilled.." And, "Let's get started!"

After his announcement, Schwarzenegger tweeted his excitement on Twitter, "Wow. I'm blown away.." And "I can't wait to bring my experience to the board room."
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