Freedom or Free Dumb (or Fake News)?

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Right to Speech

or Right to Lie?
justice or just us3

Islamo-facism or Islamo-phobia

ISLAM NEWSROOM SPECIAL - "Freedom or FREE DUMB" - (or Fake News)?

Where will this end if we don't use our "Freedom of Speech" to speak, while we still have it?

Freedom of Speech (or Free Dumb to Lie)?

Right of Expression (or Right Now Oppression)?

Offensive pictures of prophet Muhammad?

What does all this say about "rights" in Islam?

Anyone remember Salman Rusdie's book, "Satanic Verses" - They called it "Freedom of Speech"

Cartoonists draw offence caricatures of prophet Muhammad and call it "Freedom of Expression".

But what about the law suite in France over "Anti-Semitism"? (the cartoonist lost that one)

Think about it like this . . . [click here for IMAGE]
Freedom or Free 2 B dumb

U.S. groups visiting universities promoting their own "Islamofacism" - Denmark Muslims held an all day event, a televised symposium especially for the journalists, cartoonists and other media and politicians.

The event featured many local and international speakers, all detailing the Quran and teachings of Muhammad and answered their questions to their satisfaction.

-- But the next day, the newspaper presented very twisted the stories and manipulated pictures around to give the appearance of violence, aggression and oppression.

The lied and said the opposite of what the speakers and presenters had offered at the symposium.

When the Muslims requested the authorities to have them retract this false information, the answer came back "We have the Freedom of Speech."

Isn't this more like - "The FREEDOM to LIE?"


When anyone can go around saying anything they want about anyone they want, this seems to be more of "Freedom to Lie" situation than a "Freedom of Speech ."


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#1 Yusuf Estes 2015-09-11 08:21
Freedom Or FREE-DUMB?
What is 'Freedom' in a free society? God-Given rights (and balances):
1) a. Beliefs b. Tolerance of other beliefs
2) a. Expression b. Allow for other expressions
3) a. Security b. Defence of rights
Take away any part - and 'Freedom' becomes - FREE DUMB!

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