Muslims "Going to the DOGS?"

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ISLAM NEWSROOM DATELINE - Saturday April 11, 2015

We have a question about "Dogs":

Dear Shaikh, I would love to get a puppy.
Can you please let me know if it is really Haram to have a puppy at my home.

Many people told me that God will curse me if I have one and they say my salat won't be accepted and they also say it's dirty and Angels don't visit the house which has a dog inside it.

Pls let me know I don't want God to curse me and I would truly love o have a Dog too.

Best Regards


Actually, dogs are mentioned in the Quran. Hunting dogs and even dogs sleeping alongside of the people of the cave, mentioned in surah 18 (Al Khaf).
It has also been established in Islam, guard dogs, work dogs and dogs to aid the handicap such as seeing eye dogs are also accepted.
Where is the problem with dogs, in Islam?
The real problem is not the dog itself, as much as it is the reason for having the animal in the first place.
Pets in general are discouraged unless there is some clearly established need and practical benefit, without causing any discomfort or hardship to the animal.
What is specifically known about having dogs is:
1. The angels of mercy do not enter the room containing images (statues, idols, displayed drawings and paintings) and dogs.
2. Buying or selling dogs is mentioned alongside curses for financial transactions
3. Having dogs (or any animals) for "pets" without practical purpose or real need, is equivalent to putting them in prison.
Some Muslims treat these clear rulings without regard, but they do so at the displeasure of Allah and His messenger, peace be upon him. Excuses and arguments from such people include some very one-sided presentations without concern for the well-being and freedom of the animals themselves.
dog vicious_09
How would you like to be left alone for hours and hours at a time, hoping for someone to come along and give attention to you and your needs - only to have them rub your hair, say some silly things, push a bowl of mixed animal waste & grass at you and then leave you again until you moan and groan from the need to use the bathroom and then finally allow you outside for minutes all the time encouraging you to hurry up so they can go back to watching TV or surfing the web?
Whether you want to admit it or not - the whole idea of "owning" a puppy is really about how you feel and what you want - Not in the best interest of the animal.

People make a lot of money from the "pet industry" today - in fact, billions of dollars are spent annually on all types of invented foods, medicines and more.
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Did you know . . ?


56 BILLION DOLLAR YEAR - As more people are buying more pets - especially dogs!

This is due to several things, but mostly because of over emotional and psychological needs - of the OWNERS.

Although some will argue that owning a pet provides a constant affectionate companion, lowers stress and even offer the possibility of gaining psychological balance due to having complete control over some living creatures - the facts show it is all about emotional substitution - and BIG BUCKS.

Some elders who have little or no family to provide love and other emotional fulfillment are persuaded to believe pets provide a substitute family to replace children who have gone off to form their own lives outside the realm of their parents.

Young people show more interest in relationships with theisr pets than establishing married life and even using pets to replace the emotional loss of divorce.

One recent survey showed 68% of respondents - treat their pets like their own children or EVEN BETTER.
All time highs are reported in veritable pet-buying frenzy amongst these particular groups, at the increasing rate of almost 4% annually, even in recent times of recession.

Even more money is being made in all types of pet products, services and medical expenses for pets.
Today the vast majority of pet owners consider their pets as members of their family, often times preferring these animals over their own real family.

Health, medical and even psychological care for pets sometimes reaches the level of cost for the same as humans.

Personalized and designer products and even high-tech gadgets, such as automated food dispensers, are now quite common.

TV ads for mouthwash and electric toothbrushes are common and routinely used in doggy beauty salons.
Dogs, cats and even birds can now receive a manicure complete with nail polish.
Dog grooming, training and daycare services are flourishing. Meanwhile, health insurance for dogs and ID tags are becoming strong categories in their own right.
The fact is, the care of the dog is the most powerful trend within the industry - Consider this:
Stores have rows of shelves loaded with energy treats, organic foods, weight control pills, etc.
But that's just the beginning - Look at this:
Doggy pet insurance? Veterinary costs? Drugs and medicines? - For DOGS?

Then of course:
Dog training & behavior modification, even reprogram the dog's normal desires for owners desperate to control every aspect of the dog's natural inclinations.

Contrast this to the permissible ownership of dogs for Muslims:

  • Guard dogs
  • Sheep dogs
  • Watch dogs
  • Hunting dogs
  • Seeing-eye dogs
  • & Dogs trained to sniff out drugs and weapons.

All of these dogs are kept outside, except dogs for handicap purposes, then they have limited access to certain areas of the home.

Don't let your life "Go to the Dogs"
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#11 Irfan 2015-04-27 02:27
Asalaamualikum Sheikh,

Very interesting article, May Allah (SWT) preserve you and guide us to his righteous servants. I had bought 2 fisher birds, for my kids, but All praise to Allah (SWT) read your article and letting these two lovely pair free.

JazakAllah Khair.
#10 Abdul Wasey 2015-04-26 23:43
jazakAllah Sheikh it's very informative.
#9 Mutee Al-Mahdi 2015-04-26 15:39
I purchased a dog prior to my reversion to Islam
There is no way I would get rid of him because he has been my companion for many years and I am a widower
When he passes away I will NOT get anymore pets but until that happens he will remain a part of my life
I can think of far more ways to displease ALLAH subhana wa ta'alaa then having a dog
ALLAH subhana wa ta'alaa is and will remain first in my life
#8 Send ills 2015-04-26 11:51
tell me about cats in Islam
#7 Yusif Wallace 2015-04-26 09:42
salaam Yusuf Estes

I have question, I am convert muslim 10 year ago, may Allah forgive me, my dream want buy dog but sheikh told me it is haram but I can get dog call atika dog from Japan is it halal? Please reply thank
#6 Nashiima 2015-04-26 09:40
Salaam to you Shiekh Yusuf, I am a revert of 2 years. I've had my dog with me since before I reverted, and I love it as much as I can even to date (she is about 10 now). She is part of family now, and also very close to my ageing mother, who adores her company when we are out working to support the household. I clean when/where I can with the necessary rituals, and I pray Allah will be merciful on me as I cannot bear to part with my dog for now. I feel that it is even more cruel to separate her from our family whom she has grown to love. Therefore, I will keep her, and shower her with as much love as I can, because Allah has taught us to be loving towards all animals which He has created. May Allah have mercy on all of us and accept all the good we do. Amin.
#5 Monty 1 2015-04-12 11:04
Question: Is it bad to have a dog tied up?
Answer: This is very bad for dogs. Statistics indicate dogs tied up are more likely to bite people.
Dogs can't run away from things that scare them (like little kids).
So they bite at what they fear.
Dogs left alone get lonely, bored and scared because they feel unprotected, and are likely to become mean and vicious after some time (hey, how would you feel if you were tied up all the time?)
Source: Georgia Department of Animal Protection
#4 Yusuf Estes 2015-04-12 09:39
Quoting Nevile:
i dont see the problem here.
kid wants a dog. big deal. just shut up and let the ked have some fun.
who do u think u r to tell the kid this crap?
are u a bunch of crazies or what?
who cares about dogs anyway? they dotn matter at all.
this life is to get what we want and enjoy without a buch of rules or commands

Salam alaykum (peace to all who seek truth), Nevile I can understand your point, if you don't believe in God (Allah) and the next life.
But we Muslims believe in rights and limits in this life and must always try our best to care about other creatures of Allah, including even dogs (and dogs do matter to us - because we do care).
Nevile, please visit this page: and
#3 Nevile 2015-04-12 09:33
i dont see the problem here.
kid wants a dog. big deal. just shut up and let the ked have some fun.
who do u think u r to tell the kid this crap?
are u a bunch of crazies or what?
who cares about dogs anyway? they dotn matter at all.
this life is to get what we want and enjoy without a buch of rules or commands
#2 Yusuf Estes 2015-04-12 09:28
Quoting Name withheld:
Dear Shaikh Yousef, so I can not own one and make her my friend. I just wanted one as a friend ....

Best Regards

REPLY - We did the research, wrote the article and emailed you back the answer.
Just read this article (again).
This life is a TEST from Allah.
Just like Adam was tested by the order NOT TO GO NEAR THE TREE IN JENNAH.
But he did and even ate the fruit.
We don't need to know "WHY?" that particular tree or what kind of fruit, do we?
We just know it was the order of Allah.
We are in a test of choices everyday and we will be asked about our choices - all our choices - on the Day of Judgment.
May Allah guide us all and help us make the right choices, ameen.

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