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Sisters for Ramadan
ISLAM NEWSROOM DATELINE: April (Get Ready Now) Muslim Women Ahead is Men (again)

Preparing for Ramadan
in Body, Mind and Soul

Ramadan Gets Closer & Closer
Are We Ready?
Are We Prepared?

Warm welcome to all for our Preparing for Ramadan program.

Our aim this Ramadan is to be prepared in body, mind and soul ~ to embrace Ramadan from the moment it is announced.

InshaAllah, this year we want to:

* Leave those first days of head aches ~

* Avoid the mid-Ramadan slump ~

* Leave those end of Ramadan regrets ~

Because we'll enter this Blessed Month better prepared physically, mentally and spiritually!

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Advice to Muslim men: You guys get ready too!

[Source: Sister Khadejah]

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