Houthis Take Capital of South Yemen [UPDATE]

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Newsroom Update:
Wednesday's Capture
of State in S. Yemen

ISLAM NEWSROOM UPDATE: March 30, 2015 8:16 AM (EST)

HOUTHIS Take Yemen Capital of Lahij


First the Houthis captured Al Anad Airbase in the southern state of Lahij in south of Yemen.

Then just moments later, Houthis stormed Al Hawtah, taking control over the provincial capital of the state, according to official reports on Wednesday.

Military troops still loyal to former President Ali Abduallah Saleh and Houthi militants joined forces together, laid siege to the city, forced entry to government buildings, then took control of the whole city”, says the report.

- UPDATE: Internal conflict between radicals and politically motivated groups are causing havoc in many Muslim countries today.

Many innocent lives are wasted, women, children, elders and so many inncent souls murdered in cold blood, just to promote the agendas and lusts of a few demonized people, who care more for worldly gain than for eternal loss of their own souls.

The Quran clearly forbids believers to combat against those who are not combating against them. Even then, there are clear restrictions and certain obligations to the enemies in battle.

The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, ordered his followers never to combat against each other, even making it clear in one hadith, that whoever is combating against his brother (Muslim) and one is killed, both will go into the Hell-Fire.

When asked, why both should go to the Fire, his reply was, "Because they were both trying to kill each other."

Most educated Muslims are aware of limits in combat, preventing believers from fighting or killing women, children, clergy, elders, animals, trees or any soul not actively engaged in combat against them.

The only ones happy about all of this havoc, chaos and fitnah (Arabic), is the devil and his evil followers.

What can you and I do to make a difference in all this?

Good question.

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