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Grab Your Balloon ~
. . If You Can . .

balloon story

ISLAM NEWSROOM DATELINE: Tuesday March 10, 2015 "Balloons For All"

100 BALLOONS - A lesson for all of us?!

Someone spoke to 100 guests - all of them had name badges.

He stops his speech and says to them, "Everyone grab a floating balloon from the decorations"
So they each grab one balloon - Next he says, "Now write your name on your balloon"
Then he says, "OK, Everyone put your balloon in the next room and come back"
Now he points at the room with 100 balloons all floating around in the air . .
balloons story"OK. Now go quickly! - Find your balloon with your name on it"

It was really funny - but no one could find their own balloon

100 people frantically running about the room -

All searching, pushing, shoving each other in chaos -
- 5 minutes go by, but no one found their own balloon.

"STOP" he ordered suddenly!
"Now everyone pick up a balloon close to you"
"Just give it to the person whose name is on it"...

2 minutes later - Each One Had Their Own BALLOON!

"This is our problem in this life.." he said, "We all search like crazy to find our purpose, our peace of mind and peace in our hearts"

"We want peace so much - But even if when we find it - How to hold on to it?"


The Quran tells us:
{God has not created you all, except that you serve Him, alone without partners!}
Quran 51:56


"Peace comes easy when we reflect on what God gives us every day and help others find their peace!
What is a better purpose for life, than to serve others?"
{Verily, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest}
Quran 13:28


"Smile in the face of your brother, and see the smile return back."
"A smile in the face of your brother, is charity" - Muhammad (peace be upon him)


"Give to others what you love for yourself. They will love you and you will feel love."

"Your not a believer until you give to others what you love for yourself" - Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)


Forget about "days" like: BIRTH-days, PARTY-days, VALENTINE-days, EASTER-days, CHRISTMAS-days, FARMER'S-day & ME-DAYs!

. . STOP!

{Every soul shall taste death}
Quran chapter 2



Think you're safe? What about your family? Friends?" --


Think of others EVERYDAY - Enjoy DAYS with: Your Mother, Your Father, Your Grandparents, Your Children, Your Friends - and most important - REMEMBER ALLAH EACH & EVERY DAY!

{O you who believe, guard yourselves and your family from a fire whose fuel is men and stones}
- Quran


Prepare for Death

While You're ALIVE!
Day of Judgment 02

Allah Guide us to a BETTER DAY - ameen.

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And don't say later, tomorrow may be too late.

And Remember -

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