The Moment of Death

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"At the Moment of Death"
- video by Yusuf Estes

What really happens at the moment you die?

Is there life after death? - What is the proof?

What will happen to me when I leave this world?


Written text of the audio -

At the moment of death, you see Malakal maut (angel of death) and you will be like, "O my God! Who is this coming to me? Who is this? Somebody stop this one . . . Wait a minute . . . you guys can't hear me anymore? Hello! Hello! Hello!"

But now your hands aren't moving...
And he's coming coming, coming . . . and nothing you can do
and when he takes the "run" (soul) from the body, the soul coming out
for the one who was evil, it is so excruciating, it is the worst imaginal pain in the world

The pain of being born is remember by the mother.
The pain of dying is remembered by the son!

And what will you do?

But for the one, for the one who was good . . .
the one who obeyed Allah, believed in Allah, did ammul saleehat (righteous deeds)
for him it will be easy, no more than just . . . you get stuck with a pin, easy -

We ask Allah to give us the easy way and forgive us and make us of those who enter His Jennah (Paradise), ameen.

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#2 LearnQuran 2015-02-01 15:20
Aslam Walaikum. Death is must. There is no place to hide from death. There is no way to avoid death. Each and every people will face this death. May Allah helps all Muslims to face this situation in comfort. please keep working to inspire people to learn the Quran
and Salat. Aslam Walaikum.
#1 Rabah 2014-12-04 11:03
It's a very touching phrases.thatnks a lot chikh Yusuf Ests!

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