2 Begotten Sons of God??

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Bible Says:
2 "Begotten Sons"
of God?Bible 2 sons

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Most of us have heard the famous quote from John 3:16, "For God so loved the world that He gave his 'ONLY BEGOTTEN SON' that who ever believes in him will not die but will have ever lasting life."

This is supposed to be the one verse of the Bible to convince anyone to become a Christian.

But few of us have heard another verse contained in the same Bible, a verse that brings about serious doubt in the whole concept of "begotten son of God" or for that matter anything to do with translations of the Words of God.

"Psalms (songs?) was a somewhat independent revelation attributed mostly to David and partly to his son, Solomon.

The Divine Decreed of the Lord in this verse would predate the coming of the New Testament by many centuries and should not be confused with later revelations.

It seems clear the term used here could not be the same as John 3:16 (only begotten son)

Otherwise, the Bible would be seen to contain contradictions or misguidance for all those centuries to those who had not yet heard the words of the Messiah (Christ).

We look forward for more information.

Pray for us all to be guided."

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