13 year old girl - Enters Islam

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Abu Adam has some really good news, inshallah. He says:

My wife's sister - Seana is only 13 (years old) - took her Shahada and at this tender age she has already taken the active decision to live and die as a Muslim, Allahu Akbar!

Can you imagine that most of us late in our lives still haven't taken the step of making that decision to live as servants of our God, and here we see that Allah has opened up her heart to the truth and she is taking her steps to Jannah

Allah will take all her bad deeds and replace them with good deeds, insha'Allah.

Arabic text of ayah

Translation of the ending of the verse "And those who have faith in Allah and work righteousness - He will remove from them their bad deeds, and He will admit them to gardens beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein for ever: that will be the Supreme Achievement" (end of Surah at-Taghabun ayah 9)

`Itban (ra ) reported that the Prophet (saas ) said:

"Indeed, Allah (swt ) has forbidden from Hell the person who testifies that none is worthy of worship except Allah (swt ), seeking nothing by it but Allah's Countenance." (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Of course the best gift we can give her is to make some dua for her, and now that she is Muslim you can pray for anything for her, for Allah to give her good in this dunya and the next.

She is currently living with her dad and his spouse in Newfoundland, and thye were pretty shocked and surprised.  You can imagine it is not going to be easy because they don't have halal food, and there aren't any Muslims in the area, etc..  Please pray to Allah, "Al Muqallibul Qulub", that He strengthens her heart

I feel that one of the best things we can do for a new Muslim is to give them a gift, but not just give them Qurans and stuff (which we have already sent her), but we want to send her a gift that really shows how much we appreciate her becoming Muslim.  We always give gifts of Eid and some of us birthdays that come every year, but to give a gift for someone accepting Islam which is an event far more significant than any other event in a person's life (ask any convert/revert!!)

Allah has also said that one of the categories of Zakah is to 'soften the hearts' (to give money to someone to bring them closer to Islam).  There are examples from the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAllahu alaiyhi wa salam) giving huge amounts of cash, camels, etc, to non muslims and their whole tribes became Muslim.

If anyone wants to contribute to this gift, let me know and I will send you her address in Newfoundland. Imagine how special she will feel if she gets like 6-7 envelopes from different brothers and sisters congratulating her and with a small (token) gift.. what an amazing life experience that she will never forget!! InshaAllah :) :)  We would so much appreciate it and so would she inshaAllah. And of course whatever you do for the pleasure of Allah, Allah will reward you in multiples!


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