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Jewish Voice for Peace in Palestine
Jewish Voice1
Allah Gives Victory to Arabs

ISLAM NEWSROOM DATELINE - January 16, 2015 Friday

 Not all Jews are against all Muslims!

~ In fact, there are some of the Jewish faith who are much more concerned about the Muslims and Christians in Palestine than some Muslims, or so it seems.

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From Stephani Fox,
Jewish Voice for Peace

Yesterday morning I felt chills talking to our close allies in Palestine/Israel as they shared with us the news: nearly 2,000 Palestinian political prisoners holding one of the largest hunger strikes in history had succeeded

As details emerge, we should all look to Palestinian civil society leaders to interpret the nuances of the agreement.

But for now, there is one thing all of us can all agree on. This agreement marks a historic moment in the long history of Palestinian nonviolent resistance to unjust Israeli actions. The success of the massive hunger strike may very well inspire a new generation of unarmed struggle.

Yesterday, as long term strikers entered their 77th day, and 2,000 more approached a full month of refusing all sustenance, Israel was compelled to allow family visits for prisoners from Gaza, end the policy of solitary confinement, and significantly reduce and limit the use of detention without trial, also known as administrative detention.

The hunger strike inspired unprecedented support throughout Palestinian society and the world. And Jewish Voice for Peace supporters were an important part of the story.

The leaders of unarmed resistance in the villages of Palestine, the Popular Struggle Coordinating Committee, came specifically to Jewish Voice for Peace to ask for our help.

And we did not let them down!

Just hours before the strike ended, we delivered our 8,000 signatures to the United States State Department with our friends at the US Campaign to End the Occupation. And over 500 of us from 350 cities around the world had already volunteered to lead solidarity protests on Thursday. Many thousand more were set to join us.

The news yesterday is surely cause for celebration, and it's also a great reminder of what will be possible if we redouble our efforts in the nonviolent movement for justice in Palestine/Israel.

This morning our allies in Palestine/Israel issued a statement about the hunger striker victory and a call for further action.

Stefanie Fox,
Jewish Voice for Peace

Well, it's about time we send in our voice - right?

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#4 ahmed 2012-05-26 01:41
Allah subahanahu watha alaa is Al Muizz (the honourer)
He has given us victory.As for the Jews, don't trust them. They will not do any good except for those among them that believe in the religion of Allah. Salaam to the Islamic newsroom team and keep up the good work.
#3 Samuel S. 2012-05-21 17:59
#2 Adamson 2012-05-21 17:53
I totally support this article and feel sure this is a great victory for believers everywhere. Also it is a victory for all who love and respect the truth and the true peace.
Islam is number one because it from Allah and not from us humains.
#1 no way 2012-05-21 17:51
i say no way to listen to these jews. they not real and youu shoutd not put this on islmanews...
we dont respact them and they dont.
so they just go to ....plesetine is nfot for them anywya it for arabs only

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